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Get your wristband by going to one of three Wristband Stations onsite and showing the staff your All-Access ticket. This module describes the requirements and how to configure support for external data sources in Cisco StadiumVision Director. Tip You can verify reachability using the ping command from the Cisco StadiumVision Director server to the SIAB server. Note Be sure to record the UDP port number used in the OES ISC9000 controller so that you can configure the same port in the network connection information for Cisco StadiumVision Director. Figure 1 shows an example of the interface for the Serial Port Configuration on the OES ISC9000 controller where the Cisco StadiumVision Director server information must be added.
Figure 2 shows an example of the DSTI application for the Daktronics controller where the Cisco StadiumVision Director server information must be added.
Note This workflow assumes that you have completed the required backend network installation and integration at your venue for the external data sources that you plan to support, such as with the NFL GSIS network and Stats-in-a-Box (SIAB) server, or scoreboard device. Note Whenever you modify and save the External Content configuration, you must activate and restart the application in the Management Dashboard. Note Before you configure the FTP connection, be sure that you have the IP address and account credentials for the SIAB server from your NFL GSIS representative.
Cisco StadiumVision Director uses FTP port 21 to communicate to the NFL GSIS SIAB server to obtain the GSIS statistics.
Step 5 If you have completed all of the changes that you want to make on the Configuration tab, restart the application.
Cisco StadiumVision Director uses UDP port 50000 to communicate to the NFL GSIS SIAB server to obtain the GSIS game clock. Tip The actual IP address of the Cisco StadiumVision server that you are logged into is provided in shadow, but you must type the address in the box to configure it. Cisco StadiumVision Director uses a UDP port to communicate to the controllers to obtain the scoreboard statistics. Note The UDP port for the OES ISC9000 Scoreboard controller varies, but the UDP port for the Daktronics All Sport 5000 Scoreboard controller is always 21300. Step 1 In the left pane, select the scoreboard data source type that you want to configure. Note For the Daktronics All Sport 5000 Scoreboard controller, the UDP port is always 21300 (Figure 5).
Data throttling is required to maintain optimum DMP performance to support external content integration in Cisco StadiumVision Director. Specifies the frequency with which the data is multicast to all DMPs in the Cisco StadiumVision Director server. If there has not been any change in data since the last poll, then this throttle specifies the longest amount of time to wait before sending the multicast of unchanged data to all DMPs.

Figure 6 shows a throttling configuration example for the NFL cumulative statistics data source. Note The same throttling options are available for the scoreboard controller UDP connections. Note Real-time data collection from the SIAB server will not begin until the External Content Integration application has been both enabled and restarted in Cisco StadiumVision Director. By default, External Content Integration is disabled system-wide in Cisco StadiumVision Director. The External Content Integration application must only be activated once to deploy it in the Cisco StadiumVision Director server.
Step 7 To verify the application activation, look for the success message in the log display area of the screen. Any time that you have made a change to the External Content Integration settings on the Configuration tab for external data sources, you must restart the application from the Cisco StadiumVision Director Management Dashboard. Note Changes to the data source field mapping only need to be saved, but the application does not have to be restarted.
Step 3 To view the available statistics, click the arrow beside the data file name to expand the list. Step 4 With your mouse, select a statistic and drag-and-drop it to the Output Fields panel on the right.
Assuming that your network connection to the external data source is available and you have enabled the data source, real-time data is collected after you both activate and restart the application in the Management Dashboard.
Step 1 From the External Content Integration interface, select the data source that you want to verify. Step 1 From the Management Dashboard, go to the Service Alerts pane in the bottom right corner.
Step 2 Navigate to find the Integration Broker service name and observe its status icon.
When the icon is green, the External Content Integration service is successfully activated. Manchester City's owners have sealed a $400million deal with Chinese investors that secures a 13 per cent stake in the City Football Group. The City Football Group, owners of Premier League leaders Manchester City, has announced a $400million deal with a consortium of Chinese investors led by media, entertainment, sports and internet operating company CMC Holdings.
Under the agreement, the consortium of CMS Holdings and CITIC Capital will take a shareholding of just over 13 per cent in the City Football Group.
Ruigang Li, chairman of CMC becomes a member of the City Football Group board, which increases from six to seven members.
Along with Manchester City, the City Football Group owns and operates Major League Soccer team New York City and A-League team Melbourne City.

A statement on Manchester City's official website said that the deal with CMC Holdings "will create an unprecedented platform for the growth of CFG clubs and companies in China and internationally, borne out of CFG's ability to provide a wealth of industry expertise and resources to the rapidly developing Chinese football industry". Manchester City and City Football Group chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak: "Football is the most loved, played and watched sport in the world and in China, the exponential growth pathway for the game is both unique and hugely exciting.
Wolfsburg defender Ricardo Rodriguez says he has had no contact with Real Madrid over a possible January move. Manuel Pellegrini expressed his relief that Manchester City avoided holders Barcelona in Friday's Champions League draw. Cisco StadiumVision Director prompts you to do this, and it can be done at this step or after you finish mapping and formatting your statistics. Complete the field mapping for the selected data source by selecting the available statistics that you want to display in Cisco StadiumVision Director. Format each statistic to set the output field name and any other output criteria as desired.
Activate and restart the External Content Integration application from the Management Dashboard. Schedule the script to display the content on a TV just like other pieces of content in Cisco StadiumVision Director. In the StadiumVision Director (IP Address) box, type the IP address of the Cisco StadiumVision server. Be sure that if you plan to modify the data throttling values, you understand that DMP performance could be severely impacted, and that you make the change only when no events are running in the venue and during an adequate maintenance window for the system. Once you have completed your configuration, you must both enable the data source and save the configuration to allow collection of the data.
After you have saved and enabled your data source configuration, you must activate the application and restart it from the Management Dashboard before data collection can begin. Once the External Content Integration application has been activated in the system, then any time the configuration has been changed, the application only must be restarted. However, if for some reason you did not do a restart of the application after making changes in the Configuration tab before going on to save changes in Field mapping, then you also will see this message about the required restart at the time you save the Field mapping. Figure 8 shows which View data checkbox in the interface corresponds to each type of data. Suresh Raina during the IPL Season 2 second Semi Final match between the Chennai Superkings and the Royal Challengers Bangalore held at The Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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