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Rick Simpson has created an oil from cannabis that has cured more the 5,000 patients in the US. One of the biggest advocates for the legalization of marijuana in the world, Rick Simpson, unveiled the recipe on how to make oil from cannabis for medical purposes. In an exclusive interview for the Serbian “Telegraph”,Rick Sampson decided to publish the recipe on how cannabis can be used in medical purposes and as a recipe with which he was able to cure more than 5,000 people who suffered from cancer. Rick Simpson is biggest advocate in the world for marijuana legalization for medical purposes.
Second washing: Once again add solvent in the plant’s residues and mix for three minutes in order to release the rest of the THC. When there is only 2.5 cm of the solution left in the container, heat it up on 130 degrees. The dish is not much going on heated plate and wait to evaporate all the water and remain just oil.
Put the resulting oil in plastic syringe or something similar, in order for you to use every bit of the oil. Rick Simpson indicates that hemp oil rejuvenates vital organs and that there is nothing strange for people to feel 20 and even 30 years younger after using this oil for short period of time.

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Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. Washington, March 11 : A few sessions on the treadmill can curb craving for drugs like marijuana, says a new study. In a research by the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre, a group of males and females was selected because they met the criteria for being 'cannabis-dependent' and did not want treatment to help them stop smoking pot, the journal Public Library of Science ONE reports. During the study, exercising on a treadmill for 10 half-hour sessions over a two-week period curbed their craving for and use of cannabis by more than 50 percent, according to a Vanderbilt statement. Eleven years ago he faced the most difficult type of skin cancer and was able to heal himself using cannabis oil.

Canadian Rick emphasized that making remedy from cannabis oil on your own can be very dangerous thing because of chemical reactions. Hemp oil can not only save the world but it can also eliminate huge part of human’s suffering, says Rick.
Individuals who have been diagnosed with health problems and who use or are considering using cannabis as prescribed medication, should consult with their doctor beforehand. When you notice that the surface of the oil no longer any activity away from the fire and the oil is ready for consumption. When you notice that there is no more activity on oil’s surface, put the bowl away from the fire. And for your 28 grams of dry matter, you will need just half a liter of solvent in order to extract the required amount of THC.

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