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For many of us as we pass through various stages in our lives, our bodies begin to change, and we inevitably experience unusual symptoms that can leave us uncomfortable and with questions. Thank goodness for Google (or Bing, etc.), because it gives us the ability to find information rather quickly from others who may be experiencing the exact same symptoms. Just wanted to send you a update about a problem I was having with sweating and a itchy rash that developed and persisted. Anyway I found another Dermatologist and he looked at my rash and diagnosed it correctly right away and even did a biopsy to confirm it.
I was told hot showers would enhance the itching and rash so I still take medium hot showers but follow them with a cold rinse. I switched to 100% polyester undershirts and workshirts and found many good links to companies on your site.
According to my Dermatologist and online research, Grovers disease (a allergic reaction to one’s own sweat) has a cycle of about one year. I also found the Equate ES Medicated body lotion to be great on stopping the itch from mosquito bites faster than Benedryl cream. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time I publish new content. As stated in the article, “The dark version of the fruit rich high in beneficial anthocyanins, which are compounds found in fruits, vegetables and beverages.
Recipe FilterSelect an item below to filter your results by meal, product or preparation time. US Gov’t Patents Marijuana as Anti-Oxidant, NeuroProtectant; Cures Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism, etc. BOOKSTOREDo you want to help your own body cure itself from any known and unknown diseases without using expensive antibiotics, radioactive diagnostics, and invasive surgeries, at the comfort and privacy of your own home?
More recently, bitter melon juice was shown to kill pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and in mice in a study done by the University of Colorado.
Pancreatic cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to treat due to the fact that it is often discovered late, leaving very little time to treat. Interestingly, cannabis, specifically cannabinoids, have been shown to induce apoptic (programmed) death of human pancreatic cancer cells in vitro and stop pancreatic tumor growth in vivo.[4] Cannabis is perhaps one of the most popular treatments being aggressively pursued right now given its promising results both in labs and anecdotally.
Many cancerous tumors have insulin receptors which move glucose to cancer cells helping them to grow and divide. Researchers studied the tumors at the end of the study and results showed that bitter melon juice not only inhibited cancer cell proliferation but also induced apoptosis (programmed cell death). A number of clinical studies have been conducted to evaluate the efficacy of bitter melon for treating diabetes.
Another study published in 2008 in the international journal Chemistry and Biology indicated that compounds in bitter melon improved glycemic control, helped cells uptake glucose and improved overall glucose tolerance.

Since that 2007 study, more studies have been done to show beneficial effects which perhaps was a result of better design.
When it comes to bitter melon juice, the current research available is showing strong results for specific types of cancer cell destruction, diabetes treatment and potential prevention of pancreatic cancer. We can mitigate the effects of any chemicals and neutralized all types of parasites without using highly toxic drugs and expensive procedures, but only with a very simple and complete protocol that defeats all known and unknown diseases for good, without any long-term side-effects. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
A callus, also known as hyperkeratosis, is an area of hard, thickened skin that can occur across the ball of the foot, on the heel, or on the outer side of the big toe.
Calluses form from repeated friction and pressure, as the shoe (or ground) rubs against a bony prominence (bone spur) on the toe or foot. A plantar callus forms on the bottom of the heel over time where one metatarsal bone is longer or lower than the others. A condition called Intractable Plantar Keratosis (IPK) is a deep callus directly under the ball of the foot. If you suffer from calluses, it is important to have X-rays taken and have your feet evaluated by a Foot and Ankle Specialist. Contact a Foot and Ankle Surgeon today at Academy Foot and Ankle Specialists for a thorough exam and treatment plan. Along with that may come definitive answers or even suggestions on how to minimize the symptoms or condition. I also found out that the itch sensors in our skin compete with the cold sensors and if you add cold to your skin the itch goes away. A great OTC skin lotion (better than the prescription) to use to relieve itching you can get at Wal Mart it’s called, Equate medicated extra strength body lotion. Three that i have purchased from are Wickers (for my basic sleeveless undershirt) Campbellsville Apparel Company (for regular T-shirts that are as soft as cotton) and Quartermaster (for long sleeve shirts) I use their police officer shirts. I haven’t had any severe itching for months now and the rash is decreased to a few small dots here and there. He is also one of the most knowledgeable individuals on sweat management solutions, men's shapewear, grooming, and new fabric technologies. Brown says many people are intrigued by the dark on the outside, regular on the inside tomato but are skeptical about eating it.
Traditionally it has been used to treat diabetes and other more mild diseases or illnesses. Since traditional therapies (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery etc) were not showing promising results and littler advancement was being made, researchers have been looking elsewhere to find treatment. Studies have shown that insulin encourages pancreatic cancer cells to grow in a dose dependant manner, since bitter melon has been shown to help regulate insulin levels, this could help prevent pancreatic cancer over the long-term.

Compared to the control, tumor growth was inhibited by 60% in the treatment group and there were no signs of toxicity or negative effects on the body. Since it is believed that diabetes is a precursor for pancreatic cancer, researchers felt bitter melon could treat diabetes as well after seeing pancreatic cancer results. Further research and clinical trials would be helpful to better understand how effective this plant can be and in what specific cases.
Although many consider them a skin problem, they are indicative of a problem with the underlying bones or our biomechanics (the way we walk). This structure causes the one metatarsal to hit the ground first and with more force than it is equipped to handle. I went to a dermatologist and he put me on a long course of antibiotics (called it folliculitis a infection of the hair follicles on my skin) which didn’t help. They examined effects of bitter melon on 4 different lines of pancreatic cancer cells (in vitro) and in mice. With toxicity and negative effects being a huge role in traditional mainstream treatments, this was positive to see. This results in more pressure being applied in this area and causes a thick callus to form.
For the in vivo studies, mice were injected with pancreatic tumor cells and were randomly divided into one of two groups. A great deal of friction or pressure over shorter periods of time can cause blisters or open sores.
A dropped metatarsal can either be a congenital abnormality, a result of a metatarsal fracture, or a structural change that may have occurred over time. One group of mice received water, which was the control group, and the other group was given bitter melon juice for six weeks. Calluses typically develop under a metatarsal head (the long bone that forms the ball of the foot). In some recurring cases, however, a surgical procedure, called an osteotomy, is performed to relieve the pressure on the bone. Calluses have painful nerves and bursal sacs (fluid-filled balloons that act as shock absorbers) beneath them, causing symptoms ranging from sharp, shooting pain to dull, aching soreness.

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