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Diabetes explained is quite simple – it is a physical disorder where the cells in the body are not receiving glucose (the fuel the cells need for energy). Type I diabetes mellitus is an autoimmune disorder, usually developed in childhood, that is the result of the pancreas not producing enough insulin to meet the body’s needs. Type II diabetes mellitus is the resistance some cells have to insulin, which prevents the glucose from being used.
Gestational diabetes mellitus is similar to type II, but is caused by pregnancy and often disappears after pregnancy.
Diabetes is the term people most use when referring to the condition known as diabetes mellitus. A person with diabetes insipidus will also urinate a lot, but this is caused by a lack of the hormone vasopressin which acts to balance the body’s hydration level and has nothing to do with glucose or insulin. To explain diabetes mellitus, it is first important to know what insulin is and how it works. If the beta cells in the Islet of Langerhans do not produce enough insulin for the body’s needs, the person has what is called Type I diabetes (or juvenile diabetes). People with Type II diabetes (or adult onset) have plenty of insulin in their system, but the cells do not recognize it.
Without glucose entering the cell, it starves and sends a message to the brain to eat carbohydrates (feed me Seymore).
In contrast, using this same analogy, if your house had Type I diabetes, you (glucose) would not have a key (insulin) to use at all. It is important to note that when a person is insulin resistant that not every cell in the body resists insulin. If you, or anyone you care about, has any of these symptoms, please consult a physician right away. When diabetes mellitus is untreated, the high levels of glucose can be very damaging to the body.
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About type 1 diabetes Around 2.6 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes. Courageous Home Secretary Theresa May has vowed to carry on her political career after revealing that doctors have told her she must inject herself with insulin at least twice a day for the rest of her life.Mrs May, strongly tipped to succeed David Cameron as Conservative leader, is suffering from Type 1 diabetes a€“ which carries a risk of heart attacks and strokes a€“ and now carries a needle with her at all times. Bookmakers made her 4-1 favourite to become the next leader of the Conservative Party, eclipsing her rival contenders, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.And she has brought a similar single-minded approach to dealing with diabetes. In fact being overweight increases the risks of developing PCOS as much as having PCOS reduces the ability to lose weight. So when women say they control what they eat but still gain weight, they may not actually be lying….
Not only is it recognised but with the correct nutrition & exercise plan you can reduce the current long term risk of PCOS sufferers developing diabetes. Only on Tuesday I answered a fellow FitPro’s request to help a newly-diagnosed friend with PCOS…what could I do? Admittedly I went a bit more severe and sent Paleo & some Primal recipes all in the lower carbohydrate range. Hi, can you tell me how much it is to purchase the cook book to have re branded and sell onto my members… And how long turn around it will be? The website has 80 recipe database, 50 recipes as free download mini-books & every week 10 new recipes are added. The reason is either because the hormone insulin is not produced or the cells do not recognize this hormone.
However, there are other meanings of this word and to be clear let’s look at the definitions.
When vasopressin (also called Anti Diuratic Hormone) is low, the body cannot hold water and a person will urinate until they are dehydrated. It then circulates through the blood stream and acts like a key to open a door in cells to let glucose in.
They will have to monitor their blood sugar levels frequently, but with modern glucometers, this is not as invasive as it used to be.
These changes include, daily exercise, appropriate body composition (not being overweight), high consumption of produce (fruits and vegetables), a high fiber diet, lean meats and very limited sugar and saturated fats. The American Diabetes Association web site has statistics and much more information about this disorder.

Mrs May described how, coincidentally, her diet regime may have masked the side-effects of her debilitating illness. She said: a€?Therea€™s a great quote from Steve Redgrave who was diagnosed with diabetes before he won his last Olympic gold medal. Other tools include BMR calcuators so you can create individual plans & run a nutrition business or add value to the PT service.
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To do this, the glucose is stored, first in muscle tissue, then in the liver, and finally any excess will be turned into triglycerides and stored as fat. People with Type I diabetes will need to inject insulin several times a day to correspond with blood sugar levels that rise after eating. For example, most commonly, a person’s muscle cells are resistant to insulin, yet their fat cells are not. It can develop at any age, but usually affects people before the age of 40, and most commonly during childhood. There was weight loss but then I was already making an effort to be careful about diet and to get my gym sessions in. Or that two months ago doctors told her they were amending their diagnosis, revealing that the situation was worse than expected. I thought it was unfortunate that he felt he wanted to make those sorts of personal comments. Often it is only discovered if they attempt to conceive as 75% of women with PCOS become infertile.
This means that the glucose in the blood will be accepted by the fat cells, which can take an unlimited amount of glucose to change into adipose (fat) tissue.
Mrs May is under increasing scrutiny as a potential successor to David Cameron and is fresh from victory over the radical cleric Abu Qatada, who was finally deported to Jordan on her watch.Political leadership aspirations are rarely openly acknowledged and Mrs May is no different.
Initially they thought she hadA  Type 2 diabetes, where the body doesna€™t produce enough insulin to function properly and which can be treated with tablets.But last May they said it was Type 1, a far less common condition, usually found in teenagers, when the body doesna€™t produce any insulin. If your house had Type II diabetes, your key would not fit into the lock – perhaps the neighbor kid put gum in it. To make this undesirable effect even worse, since the cells are not receiving energy the person is prompted to eat more.
She first made an impact on politics by declaring in 2002 that the Tories had become a€?the Nasty Partya€™ because of its perceived tough line on issues such as race and welfare. I went to my GP and she did a blood test which showed Ia€™d got a very high sugar level a€“ thata€™s what revealed the diabetes.a€?The symptoms are tiredness, drinking a lot of water, losing weight but ita€™s difficult to isolate things. Clearly exasperated at the link that was made between her weight loss and any wider ambitions, she says: a€?Ita€™s odd because you can steadily lose weight, then all of a sudden ita€™s a€?Oh!a€?.
About 90 per cent of all three million UK adults with diabetes have Type 2.a€?My initial reaction was ita€™s a pain because I was having to take tablets.
Without being able to unlock the lock, you are not able to open the door and therefor, you (glucose) cannot go in.
Her political stock rose to an all-time high after she finally succeeded in deportingA  the radical cleric Abu QatadaA  last month.
So when Theresa May lost so much weight that even male MPs began to notice, it wasna€™t long before the conspiracy theories began. It is full on.a€™The illness means Mrs May will have to inject insulin at least twice a day for the rest of her life, carrying a pen needle with her to deliver the hormone her body needs.
And Mrs May, with her sometimes eccentric fashion choices, knows that more than most.a€?Therea€™s a lot of focus on a womana€™s appearance.
According to the Commons grapevine, her dramatic change of appearance (she entered the House a size 14 and was a size 10 by last April) was not the result of a healthy diet but a cynical makeover designed to topple David Cameron.
The Home Secretary was clearly positioning herself as a future leadership contender, her image now as polished as her political ambitions. I think people should be true to themselves and what they are.'I enjoy clothes, I enjoy fashion and Ia€™ve had various descriptions of what I wear over the years, some positive, some not.
People with diabetes suffer bad circulation and increased risk of nerve damage, meaning their feet must be monitored for small cuts that can lead to ulcers. He said it was Type 1.a€?I didna€™t realise that at my stage of life you could develop Type 1. You get more used to it and take it in your stride a bit more easily but of course ita€™s frustrating. But apparently there is a percentage of the population in whom ita€™s latent and they just dona€™t know what it is that triggers it.a€™ The politician can still enjoy a glass of wine or a gin and tonic with her husband Philip, an investment manager she met at Oxford University, but white bread, cake and sticky toffee pudding are all now off the menu. Thata€™s just natural.a€™A vicara€™s daughter, Mrs May grew up in Oxfordshire and went into the City. The recommendation is you inject in your stomach but you can do it in the thighs as well.a€™Recalling the first time she had to inject, a daunting prospect for anyone, the Home Secretary is reluctant to show vulnerability.

She says shea€™s now between a size 10 and 12 but dressed in Armani jeans and a crisp white shirt, she looks tremendously trim for any age, never mind a woman in her 50s. Interested in politics from childhood, she was elected to Merton Borough Council in London and was finally chosen as a Tory parliamentary candidate in 1995 on her fifth attempt. This all takes an iron discipline but as her three years at the Home Office have shown, she is nothing if not determined. The role is a perilous one a€“ there were six home secretaries in the six years up until her appointment a€“ yet Mrs May has thrived. Known for her Thatcherite appetite for detail, the politician is famous for working her way through her Ministerial red boxes until the early hours.a€?I try not to go beyond 1am. I didna€™t want to put weight on and the happy effect was I started losing it.a€™But whispers of a make-over began in February. Labour MP Keith Vaz criticised Mrs Maya€™s appearance, tweeting: a€?A bit worried about Home Secretary. Ironically, although Vaz didna€™t know about his fellow politiciana€™s condition, he too suffers from diabetes. It can cause you to vomit, breathe faster than usual and have breath that smells of ketones (like pear drops or nail varnish).
Diabetic ketoacidosis is a medical emergency and can be fatal if you aren’t treated in hospital immediately. However, the way in which type 1 diabetes first starts isn’t fully understood at present, but it's possible it may be caused by a virus or run in families. Your GP will arrange for you to have a sample of blood taken from your arm to test for glucose.
You will usually inject yourself before meals, using either a small needle or a pen-type syringe with replaceable cartridges.
These may be appropriate if you find it difficult to control your blood glucose with regular injections, despite careful monitoring.
Ask your doctor or diabetes specialist nurse for advice on which type and method is best for you. Smoking is unhealthy for everyone, but it's especially important to stop if you have diabetes because you already have an increased risk of developing circulatory problems and cardiovascular disease. These are four to five day intensive courses that help you learn how to adjust your insulin dose. This involves regularly taking a pinprick of blood from the side of your fingertip and putting a drop on a testing strip.
HbA1C is a protein that is produced when you have high blood glucose levels over a long period of time. The HbA1C test is done by taking blood from a vein in your arm or sometimes a drop of blood from a fingerprick. If you don’t monitor your condition regularly and your blood glucose levels get low, you may become very unwell. It can also be caused if you miss a meal, don’t eat enough foods containing carbohydrate or if you take part in physical activity without eating enough to compensate for it. Another cause can be drinking too much alcohol or drinking alcohol without eating beforehand.
You may need to make changes to your meals if you work shifts, or if food isn't readily available. Also, you won’t be allowed to hold a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) licence or be a pilot. You will need to contact the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to inform them about your condition.
The DVLA will contact your doctor for more information about how your condition is managed and whether you have any complications that might make you unsafe to drive. Carry diabetes identification and a letter from your doctor, and check with the airline you're flying with before you go.
Within these groups there are different types of insulin that work at different speeds and for different lengths of time in your body.
These should be injected about 15 to 30 minutes before meals and can last up to eight hours. You will learn to adjust your insulin dose yourself day-to-day so that your blood glucose levels stay stable.

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