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Sorry for my ignorance but it’s really refreshing to see another filipino on paleo diet.
Where in Malabon do they sell Horse Meat?…Hope you could share us more information about this Horse Meat. The whole family and just about every Filipino must be on a rambutan craze the past few weeks.
I have observed that tuklapin varieties are taking over and soon supsupin will be endangered. At Vander Gaditano’s healing farm I bought 50 kilos of rambutan, a bargain at 20 pesos per kilo. I urge you to balance your sugar consumption of this fruit with some fat like avocados or eggs.
Maybe try going to a Filipino store or the Chinese community in your country and ask if they have imported any rambutans. Results so far after 5 days of taking is that even on a cooked paleo diet, my 11 year old boy is no longer itching in his legs which would open up with eczematic fluid on cooked diets… but stop on raw or fasting.

Personally, to be safe, to be sure I only get the authentic Tung Shueh Pills, I will buy only from Sifu Jen Sam as first, I trust him. I still have some authentic left over Tung Shueh Pills Sifu gave me the last time, the ones I never took. I understand that the factory in Taiwan that made the original pills was shut down by pressure from big Pharma (see Hi I went to the website of Sifu Jen Sam and could not find the cows head brand in his shop. I tried Cows head brand 20 years ago and it worked very well, but the Oriental Shop closed and I have not been able to find another source. Brings me back my childhood days were my dad would bring home Tapang Kabayo bought in Dimasalang…Now im craving for some Horse Meat but cant find one. Maybe when my boy and I were just overwhelmed with the chicken pox and other past diseases we just needed a little push, a little help. I saw that prices vary wildly from the Chinese drug store, to online retailers, and from Sifu Jen Sam himself.

I just tasted these Tung Shueh Pills I bought from the Chinese drug store and they taste different. So we can wait a few more days until Sifu Sam gets back to Manila and sends me new supplies.
And Sifu Jen Sam says he knows his suppliers and that as a healer who buys quite a lot of TCM tools and herbs, he must be given only the authentic stuff.
I’m looking forward to making him strong enough so he becomes independent of these pills.

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