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Recent studies sponsored by UK charity Diabetes UK have revealed that cases of type 2 diabetes have doubled in the last 30 years.
It seems that although there have been some general improvements in heart health due to successful health campaigns to encourage people to eat less saturated fat and less salt, the overall picture is that people are still eating too much in general. In the last 50-60 years since the end of the Second World War the average western diet has become much more reliant on sugar and foods high on the glycemic index. Diabetes is becoming the most common serious disease and as the human population grows older there are more and more cases developing. If you have a corn allergy or sensitivity and you need to avoid corn, one thing you HAVE to do is read the ingredients list on EVERYTHING you eat.
As someone who regularly works with corn allergy suffers, I’ve got to warn you…corn is everywhere!
The hardest thing about finding corn on an ingredients list is that it is not always listed as simply as ‘corn’ – in fact, corn can be listed under many different names. I have seen many patients who think they are avoiding corn and are still having allergy or sensitivity symptoms.
The list provided in this post contains ingredients and food items that may be derived from corn, the ingredients may also be derived from other sources. If you’ve scanned the ridiculously long list below, you may be wondering WHY corn is EVERYWHERE.
Meet with a registered dietitian (who specializes in food allergies or sensitivities) for additional guidance and support. This entry was posted in corn, corn allergy, corn sensitvity, food allery, food sensitivity, Nutrition and tagged corn allergy, corn avoidance list, corn sensitivity, tips for avoiding corn on August 14, 2015 by Jenny Askew.
However, improvements in diet have actually seen a fall in the cases of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A combination of inactivity and rising rates of obesity has led to an increase in the rates of type 2 diabetes. This means that the genes which make someone more susceptible to diabetes have always been present which tends to indicate that diabetes really is caused by weight issues and poor diet. It is thought that the volume of sugar combined with the pressures of increased fat accumulation can trigger the symptoms of diabetes, that is to say an increase in fat stored and pressure on the pancreas to keep producing more and more insulin to process the sugar could cause a failure in the system.

Some people suffer for 15 years before a diagnosis is made as many of the symptoms are mild to start with. This means consuming a healthy diet and taking regular exercise so that you manage to keep a healthy body weight. Diabetes is like a ticking time bomb – the genes that make you likely to develop it have always been present, it is the modern lifestyle of fast food and cars which is causing so many cases to emerge. There you will find the population guide to on A Healthy and Balanced Diet which will teach you how to eat healthily everyday to help manage your weight. That is why people who have high risk factors such as being overweight, over 45 years of age, physically inactive, having a family history, etc. As I look at what these patients are eating, I can usually find that there are foods, medications or supplements they are consuming that do in fact contain corn. Here is what is really important to understand: because corn is found in so many products, under a wide variety of names, it is very easy to ingest corn without knowing. If you need to avoid corn, and these ingredients are listed in what you are eating, you need to call the food or drug manufacturer to ask if the ingredient in question is derived from corn. The truth is that corn is a super cheap material (largely because it is a genetically modified crop – more on that later) and it’s very versatile so it has a variety of uses. I design personalized grocery store tours for my patients, and the ones on restricted diets find the tours to be very helpful.
However, I would encourage everyone who has been diagnosed with an allergy to sensitivity to corn to be really intentional about not ingesting corn. Jenny is passionate about food, fitness, and helping her patients get to the root causes of their health issues. Jenny is passionate about food, fitness, and helping her patients get to the root causes of their health issues. Many people are unaware they are diabetic until they suffer a major heart attack or stroke. However, if left undiagnosed serious damage can occur to the body and this damage is irreparable. The list is not all inclusive, but it is very comprehensive – making it a good place to start.

Why spend two or three hours perusing grocery store shelves if there is an expert who can guide you along on a tour?
If you are taking any type of medication with corn, you may be able to have it compounded at your local compounding pharmacy. This may seem a hard task for many people but the only way to really fight off diabetes is the follow such a healthy lifestyle.
This slow but ongoing damage has been found to be a major cause of heart attacks and stroke. Getting rid of processed foods also means less label reading – because whole foods (or foods that come from the earth and are minimally processed at best) will not contain added ingredients. This can be expensive, so be sure to check with the pharmacy on the pricing of the compounded medication to make sure it fits in your budget. Other symptoms that lead to diagnosis are failing eyesight and reduced sensitivity in the hands and feet which are all caused by nerve damage. When trying to consume more whole foods, think in the direction of fruits, veggies, whole grains and high quality meat and poultry. Your doctor may also be able to prescribe a similar medication that is manufactured corn free. Speaking of high quality meat – if you are sensitive to or allergic to corn, it may help to alleviate symptoms if you consume meat from grass-fed cows. Many cows are fed corn, and it is possible for someone who is highly sensitive to corn to react to beef from a corn fed cow. So if you have a corn allergy, and take a multivitamin, or a vitamin C supplement, you could be ingesting corn.

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