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Sometimes we’re just too lazy to cook food for dinner because of a very tiring day of work so the next best thing are instant food.
Monosodium Glutamate or MSG as most people know it as is clearly the main ingredient of instant noodles that makes it so unhealthy.
There are certain chemicals that make contact with the hot water that you use which will then be mixed with the soup you are going to sip or the noodles that you are going to eat. So no matter how convenient and no matter how cheap cup noodles are, it should not be an alternative to a meal especially if you eat it on a regular basis.
New Year eating and drinking, easily lead to high cholesterol, hypertension and other diseases.
Eating less is doubtlessly crucial when trying to lose weight and be healthy, but it's also important to know which foods to eat and which foods to avoid. Many soybeans that are grown domestically are genetically engineered and loaded with pesticides.
Maruchan Ramen and similar brands of instant noodles are loaded with sodium, which can raise blood pressure. Though they may be convenient for their quick, easy preparation and ability to keep for long periods of time, canned foods contain a dangerous chemical called BPA in their seals. Many artificial sweeteners contain aspartame or sucralose, which are used as substitutes for traditional sugar.

Any deep fried food–such as onion rings, french fries, or fried chicken–are full of saturated fat, and can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other health problems.
Don't be fooled by the fact that margarine is vegetable-based; it's hydrogenated and full of trans fats, which can lead to heart problems down the line. There's been a lot of reports lately on hotdogs and similar meats being bad for your health. Since most of the time, the container is Styrofoam, there are some chemicals that mix with the hot water that you put to cook the noodles. The foods listed below have been recognized by the scientific community to be unhealthy, and you should try to stay away from them.
Unfortunately, artificial sweeteners are thought to contradictorily increase BMI and have been causally linked to the development of type 2 diabetes in some people. Hotdogs have been found to contain human DNA, and numerous other meats such as salami, sausage, and bacon have been linked to cancer.
If you'd like some ideas for healthy foods to eat and how to prepare meals that are good for you, check out this article. Soy products have been linked to fertility problems, thyroid disorders, and breakdown of the immune system.
Or if you are still in university, then instant noodles must be the staple food for your everyday meals.

If we are to use technical terms, then saturated fats will be the ones that you will be consuming if you eat instant noodles. It is true that MSG enhances the flavor of the food, but just as everything else, too much of something is way too many already. Consumption of saturated fats can lead to high cholesterol levels which will then lead to heart disease or diabetes. On the one hand, because of the high salt content increased kidney burden will increase blood pressure, on the other hand, contains a certain amount of trans fatty acids on cardiovascular considerable large negative impact. In addition, canned products often appear in protein modification to digestion and absorption rate greatly reduce the nutritional value dramatically 'shrinking.' 6, eat cream products Eat the cream kind of product can lead to weight gain, and even blood sugar and blood lipids. Additionally, the addition of preservatives, coloring agent and color retention agent, resulting in human liver burden.

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