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I was OK when CJ turned 15 back in April but it hit me when school started this year and I saw all the little preschool & kinder kids at the bus stops! That there's an illustration of anatomy, a clarification of it, and how D3 effects neurotransmitter activity (regulates it). One of the stories that goes tragically untold is that D3 is a direct activator and supressor of gene expression.
So out of curiosity, what's your cleansing programme? I'm doing milkthistle, dandylionroot, supplemental magnesium (1000 mg), zinc (30-60 mg), borax water, vitD3 5000 iu and a clean diet. I had been making an effort to not wear sunscreen and to get at least 20 minutes of sun every day for a while this summer, but I began to get busy and stopped for a while. I have been taking a multivitamin called "Enzymatic Therapy Doctor's Choice™ Female Teens" (which is really great), reducing processed Sugar intake, dry brushing, working on trigger points (please look them up!
I am without an income currently, so much of my own cleansing is sorta homegrown (aka, bought when I can scramble the funds together).
I'm an amputee, I write with the left hand, I breathe deep with lungs that the doctors put their hands about to cut away what they called cancer, and what I know was poisoning. I recovered four times faster than the average patient out at the hospital they sent me to, and I had my entire little homechurch praying with my husband. I putzed around with multuivits and have inspected all the ones I could get ahold of here in the country I live in. The trigger point therapy can be done with one hand, yes, and if you get a foam roller that is very effective at treating the muscle knots in the legs and arms.
Coincidentally, a corner of a filling in a molar (the first one they ever drilled) just snapped off while I was having some noms. I was raised with going to church every Sunday, so I learned a lot about the faith growing up, but seriously chose Jesus my first night in the hospital.
What matters from top to bottom is a rich relationship with my creator, redeemer and friend- my father and rightful judge. When I pray for guidance and peace, and really get to praising Him though, the message comes in my heart to be patient.
Incidentally, my cellulite has been noticeably reduced, and my fibrocystic breasts are MILES better.
Please note that this is an open forum, which means messages are posted live--with no review prior to posting. I was born with blue eyes, but around six months to a year they became green, now are brown.

You may have activated a delayed DNA change from childhood, blue is the basic color in caucasian babies. My sister's hair went from saucy brown with soft curls to afro-curls after hitting 21, and she's heavily taking anti-anxiety meds. I got sun again yesterday (I'm in a lower part of the US), and I am definitely going to get back on track with it!
It will really open your eyes to many sources of pain and discomfort, and you can even treat many of them yourself at homoe with only a golf or tennis ball), and doing cleanses. I hear that that is helpful for people, but I have fortunately never had one so I have no first hand experience. I live in a country that provides financial aid to their handicapped citizens in a big way, but it's only been in the past four months that my citizenship has been finalized.
I've been chewing a lot on that side of the mouth because of an upper molar on the other side having been pulled. Folk don't have a clue just how much an overwhelmed liver can effect other parts of the body..! The state of my health matters to Him inasmuch as He knows what burdens the hearts of His adopted children. You can certainly see the progress your diet and supplements are making but you should look up leaky gut syndrome as that is shown by the streaky lines in your eye.
My other message doesn't seem to have gone through, which is too bad, but I will write another.
Less pain on my periods (still one day that has some bad cramping), but still having clotting. I coughed up a ton of mucous and blew a lot out from my nose as well, and afterwards I noticed my eyes were lighter and bluer than before. I have been making more dietary changes and supplementing with Iodine and a strong multivitamin. It may be a natural part of your DNA being able to function and express itself more naturally, and it might be a sign of improved brain metabolisim.
Definitely changing with the cleansing I've been doing; though that could easily be because the cleansing has been clearing out things, and making it easier for my body to absorb the proper nutrients.
It allows the pituitary and pineal glands to funtion properly, which beneficially effect every other bodily system. There were eight months between the first fillings, and then the final (the classic end-symptoms) of type 1 diabetes.

The clay acts as a superb binder for what the liver pushes into the small intestine, so that the toxins don't get reabsorbed into the bloodstream. I still have yellow overlaying my eyes too, which would represent the toxicity in my system. I think it's logical too- you can see some of the status of the blood vessels in the brain by looking at the surface vessels on the white of the eye- if you've got a reddening, you need to make sure your mineral balance in the body is just right. I'm a bit over 30, I got diabetes type 1, major insomnia issues and a little later a bone cancer, starting with symptoms ONE MONTH after getting my first dental Amalgam fillings. I'm getting in contact with the county office here to learn how to apply for dental bill aid.
I lost weight pretty fast, and there was a major fever and abdominal stiffness for one day- just a month after those fillings. Apple pectin and vegetable fiber has similar effects, much like spray-dried chlorella, but Bentonite (and similar clays) have the extra effect of being real attractive to intestinal parasites and help flush those out too.
God has provided many means for healing ourselves without pharmaceuticals, and I am constantly amazed at how simple it is to take care of certain diseases. In my first year living here, I had a dream of my body being transformed into the eternal body. I too have a blue eye but it appears a caramel brown due to my toxin levels and yellow rings for muscle tension. It has been about a year since I started everyone, I hope you are all doing well on your personal journeys for health.
Things like parasites, Vitamin D deficiency, Iodine deficiency--all very valid reasons for poor health, yet western medicine just treats the symptoms of these (cancer, distended abdomen, constipation, loss of hair), and doesn't combat the problem (the deficiencies and creepy crawlies) enough. However, after doing some of these health things, I now have a waist, MUCH less stomach distension, and am starting to get some hips! HOW STUPID can the medical establish make you DOCTORS if it makes you unable to trust what your patients tell you and read what is before your eyes??? It's almost as if my body is finally able to go to the way it wants to be, now that I am taking away some of its burden. I believe all things are possible through Him who strengthens me, no matter what the odds are.

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