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Gastric bypass is being touted as a cure, because the dramatic weight loss has been linked to near normal blood sugar levels.
But is not a solution for many people, and if any of the weight returns, so do the diabetes symptoms.
Surgery cannot solve the underlying hormonal and metabolic imbalances that are driving the diabetes and obesity. The surgery cures Type 2 diabetes in about 85 percent of patients who have it, according to Dr.
Jack Harper was scheduled to undergo gastric bypass surgery in September 2011 but canceled it over worries that he lacked the willpower to eat less and exercise more after the operation. Then he saw a TV news report about how the surgery can help patients who, like him, were struggling with Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea, as well as obesity.
Since his May surgery at Lehigh Valley Hospital in Salisbury Township, the 69-year-old Quakertown, Pa., man no longer needs insulin to treat his diabetes, has lost more than 90 pounds and found the pep to enjoy life. That was the case for Harper, who still takes prescribed medication but gets to pocket the $300 a month he used to spend on insulin.
The surgery, in addition to causing weight loss, cures diabetes in some patients because it changes hormone function in the gastrointestinal system, Harrison said.
Other weight-loss procedures such as gastric banding and gastric sleeve surgery can mitigate diabetes but to a lesser extent than gastric bypass, said Harrison, who has performed about 250 of the operations in his career. Harrison said he often tells obese patients considering weight-loss surgery, "I'm not making bikini models.
Gastric bypass surgery is part of a larger commitment patients make to improving their health, Harrison said.
The observation that gastric bypass surgery is a treatment and possible cure for Type 2 diabetes was first made in the 1980s at East Carolina by Dr. ECU’s bariatric surgery team has performed thousands of surgeries, and patients who entrust their treatment to ECU’s program can expect personalized, high-quality, state-of-the-art care. Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor. Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor. Does obesity surgery really help with diabetes?Studies have long shown that most obese diabetics who undergo bariatric surgery see their blood sugar control dramatically improve.
It’s not the pounds that make the differenceWhile weight loss itself can help Type 2 diabetes, operations such as gastric bypass, the most common kind, and other types of bariatric surgery are thought to help in a different way — by affecting hormones, gut bacteria and other substances that affect how the body handles insulin and blood sugar. We don’t often give our eyes as much thought as we should, that is until something goes wrong and our vision is affected. The reason some patients are cured of type-2 diabetes after a gastric bypass may have been explained by US researchers.
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Before going into the details of this discovery, it would be a good idea to go back to the basics and understand what diabetes type 1 actually is.
Imagine having the power to switch on your beta cells at will, to start producing insulin when required.
In order to better understand diabetes, and to be able to come up with a possible cure, researchers are looking into ways of understanding how the condition progresses. Diabetes is a serious disease in which your body cannot properly control the amount of sugar in your blood because it does not have enough insulin.

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, accounting for about 90-95% of diabetes cases in the United States. Whether you are trying to conceive or already pregnant, treating diabetes during pregnancy is key to the health of both you and your baby.
Take time to build your health care team and devise a care plan to manage your blood glucose levels. Tell your doctor about any current medications you are taking for diabetes, or any other health conditions so you can take what is safest during your pregnancy. Typically hypoglycemia is treated by eating or drinking something containing sugar, such as orange juice. There are a few potentially negative health risks to the baby when the mother has diabetes. Macrosomia is a condition in which your baby grows too large due to excess insulin crossing the placenta. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, can develop shortly after birth due to high insulin levels. Jaundice is a yellowish discoloration of the skin and eyes and can sometimes be attributed to diabetes while pregnant.
During labor and delivery, your blood glucose will be managed closely to ensure a safe delivery. Be sure to complete your postpartum care, in order to achieve a healthy weight with daily exercise and sound nutrition. Thousands of women each year are able to navigate diabetes in pregnancy with favorable results.
Sign-Up For The APA NewsletterGet a roundup of all the best pregnancy news and tips from around the web with exclusive discounts and giveaways from our sponsors. The Association is only able to accomplish our mission with the commitment of people like you. The surgery cures Type 2 diabetes in about 85 percent of patients who have it; many of them see their blood sugar levels drop even before significant weight loss begins, he said.
The minimally invasive procedure reforms the stomach to make a smaller pouch that connects directly with a section of the small intestine, bypassing a part of the digestive tract that absorbs calories and nutrients, he said.
One of the affected hormones, ghrelin, stimulates appetite and helps control sugar levels in the body, he explained. Lehigh Valley Health Network doctors perform about 400 weight-loss surgeries annually, he said. That commitment isn't easy, but it's worth the effort, said Harper, an ex-Marine who works four days a week in material handling sales.
All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of PennLive LLC. William ChapmanThe Bariatric Surgery center at East Carolina University is internationally renowned for clinical care of patients seeking surgical weight loss and for significant contributions to research focused on obesity and diabetes.
International diabetes organizations are calling for weight-loss surgery to become a more routine treatment option for diabetes, even for some patients who are only mildly obese.
Diabetes is the most common medical complication during pregnancy, representing 3.3% of all live births. Symptoms of Type 2 include bladder or kidney infections that heal slowly, increased thirst and urination, constant hunger and fatigue. Frequent contact with your health care provider is essential in managing blood glucose levels and monitoring the health of you and your baby.

Prioritizing proper nutrition will assist in controlling your blood sugar both before and after conception. Specialists may include a perinatologist who treats women with high-risk pregnancies, and an endocrinologist who treats women with diabetes and other health conditions.
Hyperglycemia is when your body doesn’t have enough insulin or can’t use insulin correctly.
A large baby can make vaginal delivery difficult and increase the risk of injury to the baby during the birth process. Controlling your own blood sugar can help to lower the risks of hypoglycemia for your baby. Your pediatric care provider will assist you with a plan to alleviate this condition for your newborn. Partnering with your health care team and support partner will help ease any concerns you may have during labor. Taking care of your body postpartum is important to managing glucose levels and remaining healthy. Remember to manage your glucose levels, prioritize proper nutrition and exercise, and stay connected to your health care team. Your tax deductible contribution provides valuable education and more importantly support to women when they need it most. Complications of Type 2 diabetes, meanwhile, include blindness and limb amputation, he said.
His findings garnered national attention and ECU became one of only six universities to participate in the only large prospective United States study of bariatric surgery funded by the National Institutes of Health. Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are a deadly pair, and numerous studies show stomach-shrinking operations can dramatically improve diabetes. The risk of death or serious side effects from surgery is small and comparable to gallbladder operations or hysterectomies, said Dr. No matter what type of diabetes you have, there are many steps you and your health care team can take in order to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
Symptoms of Type 1 may include increased thirst and urination, constant hunger, weight loss, blurred vision, and extreme fatigue. This form of diabetes is often associated with older age, obesity, family history, previous history of gestational diabetes, physical inactivity, and it can be more prevalent in certain ethnic groups. Medically managing your diabetes is key for your health and the success of future pregnancies. The use of minimally invasive methods minimizes the risk of these procedures, and patients can return home with no discomfort after 1-3 days in the hospital. Cummings, an endocrinologist at the University of Washington and senior author of the guidelines.
Often diagnosed in childhood and in young adults, this type of diabetes accounts for about 5 to 10% of diagnosed cases in the United States. Insurance coverage has become more common over the past decade but remains spotty, and many insurers limit coverage to severely obese patients.

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