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Even if you are feeling ill when the office is closed, you can call your medical home for advice on how to manage non life-threatening conditions until your doctor can see you.
If you cannot afford prescription medication to treat your chronic condition(s), your medical home can refer you to HealthNet Gaston’s Medication Assistance Program (MAP).  Staff will help you fill out the necessary paperwork to enroll in MAP and you pay only $6 per prescription for a 90-day supply of each medicine you need. You have a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, heart disease, COPD, etc. If you feel you qualify for program participation, call 704-874-1901 or 704-874-1958 to schedule an enrollment appointment or go to Apply Online.
Numbness is one of the early symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and it worsens to weakness when the condition is unchecked.
In worst cases, these complications can worsen to loss of reflex, foot sores and amputation. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the prerequisite of keeping diabetic neuropathy at bay.
Regular physical activity not only maintains your body weight but also improves health of the heart and flow of blood.
Diabetics are also highly prone to amputation caused by infection in blisters and sores on feet.
Diabetics should wash their feet daily and pat dry them as rubbing harshly on the skin can leave abrasions and cause infection. Some of the commonly used supplements to reduce symptoms of diabetic neuropathy and pain associated with it are alpha-lipolic acid and acetyl-L-cartinine. Certain factors such as age, gender, heredity, family history and obesity play a role in deciding who is likely to develop diabetes.
Carbohydrates are an important component of food we eat and in the body, they are broken down to give glucose.
In some people, there is either a deficiency of insulin, or the insulin is unable to act as it should and this leads to the glucose remaining in the blood stream without absorption by the cells – the condition we know as diabetes. Diabetic patients can eat beef, fish or chicken but the portions should be smaller than the size of one’s palm. There are certain foods which aggravate the risks of diabetes and there are also foods which help control diabetes. Insulin pump information, however, must necessarily contain both the advantages and the disadvantages of insulin pump therapy.
The delivery of insulin through insulin pumps is more effective and accurate than the insulin injections.
An insulin pump ensures that there are lesser large swings in the blood glucose levels of the people using it. Thus diabetes management becomes much simpler if an insulin pump is used, because then a person need not restrict his food and the timing of the meal.

In using an insulin pump, the tension of blood glucose level going down to a very low level does not remain.
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Junk Food is now mostly found almost in over the world. Compared with healthy food, junk food or fast food certainly is not recommended for consumption because of its very low nutrient levels and high calories. Burning calories needs to happen every day to balance the levels of calories in the body. Calorie is like coal, it will burden us if we do not burn it. Patients with diabetic neuropathy also lose reflexes and hence cannot feel hotness or coldness and even pain.
There are a number of home remedies that help in relieving the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.
Diabetes when accompanied with high blood pressure poses greater risk to the person as both the conditions have a damaging effect on the blood vessels and blood flow.
Swimming or bicycling is recommended for patients with severe diabetic neuropathy that leads to loss of sensation in their legs. After carefully washing the feet, some moisturizer should be applied on them to prevent further cracks. Regular exercise along with a modification in eating habits is what most doctors prescribe for people who have not yet developed diabetes in order to ensure they do not fall prey to the disease.
This glucose enters the blood and is circulated to all body parts where it has to be taken up by cells and tissues to meet their energy requirements. Foods that release a large amount of glucose at once therefore put a greater pressure on the body’s metabolic system and should be avoided.
Basically, you should consume foods which are low in salt and contain more fiber. Fruits and vegetables are known to contain more fiber.
The fact is that when properly planned and eaten in small quantities, sugar cannot cause severe or adverse effects and slight increases in blood sugar level can be brought down by exercise. A protein-rich diet is not the solution either because too much protein – especially animal protein – may induce insulin resistance, which influences diabetes. When it comes to carbohydrate consumption, it is best to go with whole grain carbohydrates that are rich in fiber and digested slowly to ensure that blood sugar is maintained at steady levels. It is a medical device that administers insulin at predetermined doses on a regular basis, to diabetes patients so that patients suffering from diabetes do not have to suffer the hassle of taking regular insulin shots. We look healthy if we eat good and healthy food, but we will look otherwise if we eat foods with low nutrition.
Compare to kids who live in 1985, our kids consume more cereals compose greater calories or saltier, sweeter, but lesser fibers.
One of the simplest but also effective diet tips is just eat your meal not too quick and you will eat less meal. Beside, chewing your food properly will benefit your digestive process.

Michael Pollan, a Knight Professor of Journalism from University of California said that cost to purchase fresh veggies and fruits has spiked about 40% in the last quarter decade. Results of such nerve damage are numbness, burning sensation, tingling and pain in the feet.
Also, it is advised that the shoes should be properly fitting to avoid rubbing on the skin. The uptake of glucose depends on the presence of sufficient quantity of insulin that helps mobilize the glucose in the appropriate manner. It is best to avoid highly refined carbohydrates like pasta, rice and white bread, candy, snacks and soda which are digested quickly and cause a spiking of blood glucose levels. So the insulin pump therapy can help a person suffering from diabetes mellitus by doing away with all the restrictions that cripples such a patient.
When people drinking lots of soda for example, they’re usually not getting plenty of mineral water or other healthful beverages like green tea or orange juice. In fact, in addition to burn more calories and make us health and fit, exercises also will make us feel healthier, relax, positive and comfortable.
Although the number of organic nutrients and food producers have increased, the total number is not yet sufficient to balance the dominance of fast food restaurant chain with its  massive branding and cheap service.
Drink more water and instead of snacks, fried food and fatty meals, eat more low starch vegetables and nuts. Replace sugary cereal with high fiber cereal like Raisin Bran and change to rolled oats instead of instant oatmeal.
When they’re snacking on chips or cookies, they’re likely not loading up on fruits and vegetables. Do not overeat; instead eat smaller portions to restrict the amount of glucose you release into the blood stream at a time. Doctor says, endorphins that makes it happenwill make us feel healthier, relax, positive and comfortable. The insulin pump keeps on providing the body with a regular flow of insulin at a fixed rate. So it does not remain necessary for a person with diabetes mellitus to take insulin at fixed times of the day. This ensures that the patient has greater flexibility and less of restrictions in his or her life.

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