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A variety of factors can deteriorate sperm count or mobility, or impair the ability to fertilize the egg. Learn about frequent urination, enlarged prostate symptoms, prostate cancer screening, infertility and erectile dysfunction. Learn about urological problems affecting women, including incontinence, bladder problems after childbirth, frequent urination, injections and infertility. Children can have urological problems that include infections, hernias, frequent urination and undescended testicles. Learn about what causes kidney stones, yeast infections, incontinence, frequent urination and other common urological problems and how they can be prevented or treated. The duration of diabetes and advancing age independently predict diabetes severity and risk of death in older adults with type 2 diabetes according to a study by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research and the University of Chicago currently published in JAMA Internal Medicine.
In the study led by Kaiser Permanente and the University of Chicago, researchers investigated contemporary rates of diabetes complications and risk of death then contrasted them across categories of age and duration of diabetes.
For a given age group, rates of each outcome, particularly hypoglycemia and microvascular complications, increased dramatically with longer duration. The researchers say these findings suggest the need for increased clinical and research focus on reducing and understanding the incidence of hypoglycemia for older adults with diabetes. The researchers stressed that prior studies of older patients did not reflect the influence of recent changes in clinical practice or systematically examine how the course of diabetes differs independently by age and duration of diabetes.
This research is part of Kaiser Permanente’s body of work focused on better understanding diabetes.
The Kaiser Permanente Division of Research conducts, publishes and disseminates epidemiologic and health services research to improve the health and medical care of Kaiser Permanente members and the society at large. A Pragmatist's Guide for LivingIt's easy to make a financial decision based on what you need right now, but making an informed choice will benefit you in the long run. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which a man cannot get an erection, or cannot keep a firm enough erection to achieve sustained sexual intercourse. It is recommended that men experiencing erectile dysfunction be evaluated by a physician, because ED is not simply a natural part of the aging process in males.
While oral medications such as Viagra may work for many men, they are not necessarily the most effective way to treat ED – and men with certain medical conditions may not be able to take them.
We understand this is a sensitive topic, which is why our trained and professional staff makes your comfort a priority when visiting our office.
From Viagra commercials to spam emails, comedy routines to American Pie, male sexuality is all around us.
If physical causes are ruled out, difficulties in your relationship may be leading to difficulties in bed.
Premature ejaculation happens when you have an orgasm during sex earlier than you (or your partner) would like. Hands on, hands off: When you feel close to orgasm, stop stimulation for 30 seconds, then start again. If these methods don’t work, your doctor can prescribe an antidepressant or SSRI, which can also do the trick. Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen travels back into the bladder instead of exiting through the urethra. Unlike premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation is caused by physical conditions, for example as a result of diabetes, certain medications, and surgery.
If a medication is the culprit, your doctor might advise you to stop taking the drug that could be causing the problem.
Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when you cannot get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.
Although the occurrence of ED increases with age, erectile dysfunction isn’t an inevitable consequence of aging. If you are experiencing ED, it is important that you visit your doctor as soon as possible.
Male Sex Problems starts from weaker or feeble penile erection, or fail to maintain the hardness for some considerable period of time.
Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. No matter whether you are suffering from Erectile dysfunction, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, cholesterol, or any other kind of heart disease.
Don't smoke; control your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and medical conditions such as Diabetes.
Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs that can lessen sexual desire or impair your performance. Yoga has considered all aspects of a disease whether it is physical, emotional and mental, regular practice of Yoga and controlled life style reduces the occurrence of various diseases; it makes you agile, efficient and slim. Also the practice of asanas improves the functioning of internal organs, strengthening heart, lungs, kidneys, excretory & reproductive organs. This process helps remove physical, emotional and mental strains very easily and effectively. Even half hourly practice brings about excellent results in High blood pressure or High BP along with various other ailments. This asana or posture as its name suggests helps in relieving the excess gas from your system and is also beneficial in treating chronic acidity. This asana or pose should not be done by those who have a weak back or problems with their spine such as slip disc, pregnant women should also avoid this pose. This is also known as the Yogic breathing or Pranayam and is the fourth limb of stage of yoga that comes after asanas or postures. Prana has several meanings as breath, respiration, life, vitality, wind, energy and strength while yama is restraint or discipline. The control of prana leads to the control of mind which is vital for concentration and meditation which is the next step in yoga.
It helps in release of acute & chronic muscular tension around heart and digestive organs. Also increases the release of toxins as well as carbon dioxide reducing its levels in blood stream and increases levels of oxygenation in blood.

Amplifies the immune system by increasing the distribution of energy to the endocrine system. Pressing right nostril with thumb, inhale deeply, through the left nostril, followed by inhalation through the right nostril. This is one of the classic Meditative Poses and is usually performed after doing the Corpse Pose.
The Easy Pose helps in straightening the spine, slowing down metabolism, promoting inner tranquility, and keeping your mind still.
This is a very beneficial yogic practice for obesity management, every day 24 sun salutations with a speed of 4 rounds in 1 minute gives great benefits of Yoga Asanas and exercise as well. Sun salutation is a sequence of 7 asanas practiced in order which tones almost all of the muscles and also internal organs are stretched increasing blood & oxygen supply to these parts.
Shoulder Stretches are great in relieving stress and tension on your shoulders, as well as your entire upper back.
Put the forefingers on forehead, over eyebrows, and the middle fingers of the two hands right on the closed eyes. While doing the breathing exercises direct the energy generated towards the affected parts of the skin by thinking about its well being to obtain the best results. Begin by a series of quick breathing exhalations accompanied by an inward drawing motion of your stomach.
Common causes of male infertility include irregular sperm production or function, diminished delivery of sperm, general health and lifestyle issues, and excessive exposure to certain environmental elements.
Normal sperm shape and the ability for sperm to move rapidly and accurately toward the egg is crucial for fertilization to occur.
Normal sperm concentration is defined as greater than or equal to 20 million sperm per milliliter of semen. This is known as a varicose vein in the scrotum that could prevent normal cooling of the testicle, which may cause reduced sperm count and movement. This condition occurs when one or both testicles fail to move from the abdomen into the scrotum during fetal development. Infertility may result from disorders of the testicles themselves, or an irregularity affecting the hypothalamus or pituitary gland in the brain that produces the hormones that control the testicles.
Klinefelter's syndrome is a genetic defect that occurs when a man has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome instead of one X and one Y.
If sperm concentration is less than 5 million per milliliter of semen, genetic causes may be involved. Complications with the delivery of sperm from the penis into the vagina can result in infertility.
In some cases, men are born with blockage of the part of the testicle that contains sperm, the epididymis or ejaculatory ducts. A defect at birth may cause the urinary opening to be unusually located on the underside of the penis.
Certain vitamin deficiencies such as C, selenium, zinc and folate may contribute to infertility. Excessive alcohol use or drug dependency may be associated with poor health and lowered fertility.
Excessive exposure to environmental elements such as heat, toxins and chemicals may lead to a reduced sperm count, either direct or indirect. Studies have shown that herbicides and insecticides can cause female hormone-like effects in the male body and furthermore may be associated with reduced sperm production and testicular cancer. Longview Urology also provides urological treatment for children with pediatric urology needs. More than 72,000 subjects aged 60 or older with type 2 diabetes were drawn from the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Diabetes Registry. However, for a given duration of diabetes, rates of hypoglycemia, cardiovascular complications, and mortality increased steeply with advancing age, while rates of microvascular complications remained stable or declined. For policymakers, the study provides important data that may be used for projecting health care expenditures for a large and growing segment of the Medicare population.
These variables have been proposed as two key potential guides to the individualization of care goals and treatments. Earlier this year, Kaiser Permanente researchers found that patients with diabetes who take certain types of medications to lower their blood sugar sometimes experience severe low blood-sugar levels, whether or not their diabetes is poorly or well controlled. It seeks to understand the determinants of illness and well-being and to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of health care. We are recognized as one of America’s leading health care providers and not-for-profit health plans. Most men experience some occasional erection trouble, and this is not necessarily a cause for concern. ED symptoms can be a sign of a number of underlying health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, or atherosclerosis.
Sexual arousal in men involves more than simple physical stimulation; hormones, moods and emotions, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels are all a part of the process.
Ejaculatory problems, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited desire, and more can wreak havoc on relationships—but they don’t have to. Low libido can be caused by a number of physical, psychological, and emotional factors, from low testosterone to anxiety or poor communication. They’ll take a patient history, do a physical exam, and perform lab tests to help determine whether illness, certain medications (such as SSRIs), low testosterone levels, insomnia, or other sexual problems are the cause.
If a psychological or emotional condition such as depression, anxiety, or stress might be responsible, consider attending individual or couple’s therapy. There’s an 80 percent chance that you will retrograde ejaculation if you undergo prostate surgery.
This also helps achieve control over mind and behavior as when yoga is practiced one can easily control food habits and change life style.
If the sperm morphology (shape and structure) are abnormal or the movement is impaired, sperm may not be able to access or penetrate the egg. Sperm counts of 10 million or fewer per milliliter of semen indicate low sperm concentration.

Due to the fact that the testicles are exposed to the higher internal body temperature, when compared with the temperature in the scrotum, sperm production may be affected. This causes unusual development of the testicles, resulting in low or absent sperm production and possible low testosterone. Repeated attacks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, are most often associated with male infertility.
Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse or psychological or relationship problems can contribute to infertility. Diabetes, bladder, prostate or urethral surgery, and the use of certain medications may cause retrograde ejaculation. Certain men lack the tube that carries sperm (vas deferens) from the testicle out to the opening in the penis. The condition may prevent sperm from reaching the woman's cervix if not surgically corrected. For 60 years the urological surgeons at the specialty practice have treated men, women and children from across Southwestern Washington, including Ariel, Castle Rock, Cathlamet, Centralia, Chehalis, Chinoook, Cougar, Grays River, Ilwaco, Long Beach, Kalama, Kelso, Morton, Mossyrock, Napavine, Nasalle, Ocean Park, Olympia, Rainier, Rosburg, Silver Lake, Skamokawa, Toledo, Toutle, Vader, Vancouver, Winlock, Woodland, and the Long Beach Penisula. More importantly, the data from this study may inform the design and scope of public policy interventions that meet the unique needs of those who live with the disease.
Moffet, MPH, of the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research; and Neda Laiteerapong, MD, MS, and Priya M. Founded in 1945, our mission is to provide high-quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. But if erectile dysfunction problems occur often, it can negatively impact your self-confidence and your intimate relationships. If the erectile problems stem from underlying health issues, treating those issues may be enough to reverse your ED symptoms.
Our Erectile Dysfunction specialists will discuss your symptoms and their causes, outline the treatment option(s) most likely to achieve positive results for you, and explain both the benefits and risks of each option. Our comprehensive approach to ED treatment will help you to determine the most effective options for your individual case.
However, if you rarely have an interest in sex, you may be suffering from inhibited sexual desire, or low libido. According to the Mayo Clinic, as many as one in three men may experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Kowalczyk notes that “a person who has retrograde ejaculation will continue to have normal orgasm.” The only difference is that the semen travels in the opposite direction.
Kowalczyk, “70 percent of those [with erectile dysfunction] have a medical issue.” ED can indicate high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, and hardened arteries. You can also try therapy to reduce anxiety or—as a last resort—getting an oral or locally injected drug to increase blood flow to the penis during sex.
With a little effort, knowledge, some help from your doctor, and support and some understanding from your partner, you can overcome sexual difficulties and be back to your sexy self STAT.
Since in today’s world our own lifestyles are becoming the major cause for the development of a number of acute as well as chronic diseases. We have no intention to hurt anyone, please use this information at your own understanding. Absolute failure of the testicles to produce sperm is uncommon, affecting very few infertile men.
Fertility problems can sometimes become long term and disappointing, producing more stress. The urologists have also treated patients from Astoria, Clatskanie, Columbia city, Knappa, Portland, Rainier, Scappoose, St. Once the probable cause of your erectile dysfunction has been isolated, effective treatment options are available. Our physicians can determine the most appropriate treatment, or combination of treatments, based on your physical needs and preferences.
Yoga has different effect on not just us but on our lifestyle as well which is permanent in nature than other techniques for lifestyle changes. An occurrence of mumps after puberty may cause inflammation of the testicles and can impair sperm production. Care for members and patients is focused on their total health and guided by their personal physicians, specialists and team of caregivers. For instance, a minor physical problem that slows your sexual response may cause anxiety about maintaining an erection. Yoga has an important role to play in the changing our lifestyle from diseased o healthy. Our expert and caring medical teams are empowered and supported by industry-leading technology advances and tools for health promotion, disease prevention, state-of-the-art care delivery and world-class chronic disease management. When man fails to satisfy the sexual needs of his female partner, the trouble is sure to start. Yoga techniques affect body, internal organs, endocrine glands, brain, mind and other factors concerning body – mind complex. Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to care innovations, clinical research, health education and the support of community health. No matter what the causes are for a man to experience this disorder, the effects are drastic. Various Yoga techniques can be practiced effectively to reduce the weight and achieve normal healthy condition of both the body and the mind. Depression, shying from women, anxiety, feeling of guilt after an attempt are the usual results for a man who constantly fails to perform the intimate act. Asanas or the Yoga positions or postures are especially useful in bringing about the balance in the mind and the body.

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