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I have to say that the only bad part of this recipe is that you have to wait at least 4 hours for the colored jello to set (larger, shallow dish will set faster) before you can cube it and pour the white gelatin over it, then wait overnight for the whole thing to completely set before cutting and serving. I am interested in using Stevia in desserts as well, but a bit cautious as I never know how much to use since its not a direct conversion.
I have to say that my boys LOVE this jello, and they like making it with all sorts of cool colors. You could make it for the classroom and use their school colors, cut them into various shapes and use certain holiday colors, etc.

It's true this dessert came together pretty fast, considering that I did not even make my own pastry! I think it is easier and less time consuming than the layered finger yellow with all the different layers of colors and white in between.
Once I had added a little yellow food coloring to the purple jello, well, let’s just say it turned into a little bit of a science project.
Then, with a wooden spoon handle or some other similarly-sized object, begin poking holes in the warm cake.

You basically make the jello with less water than the package directions, resulting in a firmer jello that can be eaten as finger food.
Then he asks, "What kind of pudding?" You gotta give the man credit for at least understanding what a poke cake is.

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