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This is adapted from  a recipe by the team of Bishop, Cockrell and Brock nee Ridley, Morris and Calhoun of the most excellent Junior League of Abilene’s The Best Little Cookbook in Texas. On that note, at some point some community cookbooks stopped putting the names of the recipe contributors in the books. If you need to serve this drink in a hurry, there is one variation I will mention up front. Being diabetic doesn’t mean you have to endure bland foods for the rest of your life. Beetroot aids in decreasing the absorption rate of glucose into the blood stream, preventing the sudden surge in glucose levels. Lemon contains soluble fiber that helps stabilize blood sugar levels by slowing down the body’s absorption of glucose. Take a bit of the following: bitter melon, asparagus, green apple, spinach, broccoli, and celery. Having diabetes or another sickness is not a hindrance to enjoying different flavors that nature has to offer. Holistic treatment of diabetes combines the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual elements to reduce the blood sugar level and diminish the risk of developing diabetes-related health complications.
Although there are several types of detox diets, not all types of detox diets are suitable for diabetics. Your meals should comprise of fruits that are safe for diabetics such as apples, pears, grapes, pineapples, plums, grapefruit, berries and cherries. To increase your daily fiber intake further, consider taking a teaspoon of psyllium husk mixed with a glass of water each day. Apples from always were regarded to be one of the most healthy fruits ever, rich with vitamins and minerals.
All lovers of healthy fruity drinks will adore it and those who do not have the habit to consume this kind of beverages will be positively surprised and most likely change their mind.
Put all the above listed ingredients together in a glass and stir until it is all mixed together.

I wish I could sit and sip a glass with you on one of these beastly hot days, how fun that would be!!
Also, it facilitates in dissolving fatty deposits and prevents the development of type 2 diabetes due to obesity. Other health benefits of lemon include: improves liver function, aids in digestion, and prevents urinary tract infections.
Before adopting an appropriate diet tailored to meet the specific nutritional requirements of diabetics, holistic medicine recommends a cleansing diet to eliminate toxic substances and excess insulin from diabetes drugs from the body. Diabetics should carefully select a detoxification diet plan that flashes out toxic substances from the body without affecting the blood sugar level. To improve the quality of life with holistic treatment, you may take a multi vitamin and mineral supplement.
Holistic healers recommend aerobic exercises of moderate intensity to reduce the sugar level in the blood. They are not only good to be eaten alone or grated in a mixed fruit salad, but also to be used in a nice healthy elixir drink. It is an essential advantage if this apple cider vinegar elixir is used at least three times a week, yet every day is excellent. You can add a little ice if you like in order to make nice cold refreshment drink and cheers!
I like this one because it lists both married names and maiden names…as though these women actually existed prior to their name change. Instead, you can boil only 4 cups of water with the sugar and lemons and then add in ice to the warm container at the very end to make up the volume. Adults and kids alike will think you are an ethereal being sent to bring relief to the masses. My grandmother is always looking for something cool and refreshing to drink, but being a diabetic, we’re pushing it just with the fruit juice this contains.
An appropriately designed holistic treatment may reduce your dependence on diabetes medications.

The safest way to boost the natural cleansing process of the body is to drink fresh lemon juice in the morning on empty stomach and several times throughout the day. Eat fruits appropriate for diabetics, leafy green vegetables, non-starchy vegetables, lentils, beans and peas. Fish, lean meat, seafood, fermented milk products, preferably made from goat’s milk and egg can be included in the diet of diabetics. Niacin and vitamins B6, C and E can help to reduce the risk of developing a number of diabetes related complications. Some of the constituents of holistic medicine are supported by scientific study, whereas others are inspired by folk medicines and the experience of natural healers. Drink sufficient purified water and herbal tea throughout the day. Diabetics should avoid foods with added sugar or sweeteners, flour products, fried foods, margarine, hydrogenated fats, processed foods and tinned foods. Yoga and tai chi combines meditation with body movements or poses that help to improve sensitivity of the body cells to insulin.
The risk of developing heart disease, which is higher among diabetics, can be reduced by boosting the vitamin D reserve in the body. But, rest assured, even this version would probably be awesome with a tiny bit of hooch in it. Fenugreek, aloe, vera, cinnamon and omega-3 fatty acid supplements are considered beneficial for people bothered by elevated blood sugar levels.
Exercising outdoors in the morning will help your skin to absorb enough sunshine to induce vitamin D synthesis.

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