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We aim to develop novel biopharmaceuticals by leveraging our exceptional scientific talent pool and developmental capabilities. Biocon's discovery-led R&D focuses on the entire drug development pathway - from process development to non-clinical and clinical research.
Our R&D team can boast of outstanding scientists from the best institutes around the world. To navigate the challenges of innovation we have adopted a well-defined strategic framework that will transform scientific discoveries into advances in human healthcare and generate incremental value for our shareholders. The ever-increasing cost of drug discovery and development, extended time to market, fierce competition and pressures to maintain margins are making tremendous demands on the biopharma industry.
Our R&D initiative is influenced by a four-dimensional innovation matrix ranging from known developments to unknown ideas. By playing in all four quadrants of this innovation matrix, Biocon is able to create a balanced risk-reward profile. Medtronic will begin ramping up production immediately to prepare for a launch of the MiniMed 530G in the next several weeks.
Any forward-looking statements are subject to risks and uncertainties such as those described in Medtronic’s periodic reports on file with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Join today and you can easily save your favourite articles, join in the conversation and comment, plus select which news your want direct to your inbox.

Former world number one tennis player Maria Sharapova announces she failed a drug test at the 2016 Australian Open. Meldonium is used to treat diabetes and low magnesium and improve blood flow, among other things."It's very important for you to understand that for 10 years this medicine was not on WADA's banned list and I had been legally taking the medicine for the past 10 years," Sharapova said. The depth and breadth of our technological and scientific expertise enables us to develop new and affordable therapeutics for the world's most debilitating diseases.
The high quality scientific talent pool is engaged in continuous interaction with international thought leaders and participation in technical programs to enable knowledge creation, and the positioning of Biocon's R&D for challenging biopharmaceutical development. Creativity in the known realm builds on existing knowledge leading to two types of innovation (incremental and evolutionary). Our work on potentially the world's first oral insulin and first-in-class anti-CD6 antibody, Itolizumab, has the ability to change the treatment paradigm in diabetes and immunology, respectively.
I failed the test and I takes full responsibility for it," the 28-year-old Russian said.The ITF said in a statement that "Sharapova will be provisionally suspended with effect from [March 12], pending determination of the case".
She said that the email including a link to a list of banned substances, but that she did not look at it. R&D's ability to leverage frontier science, to develop solutions for small molecules to biosimilars to novel molecules, continues to advance Biocon's reputation as an emerging global biopharma focusing on delivering affordable innovation.
Creativity that pushes unknown boundaries and creates new knowledge is experimental and breakthrough in its impact to human existence.

This breakthrough innovation carries huge risks but the rewards, both financial and societal, are tremendous. Once the threshold is met, the MiniMed 530G system will first alert the wearer with an alarm. I have been playing since the age of four a sport that I love so deeply,"A SharapovaA said."I know that with this I face consequences and I don't want to end my career this way. If the individual is sleeping, unconscious or otherwise unable to react, the system will suspend all insulin delivery for two hours. I really hope that I will be given another chance to play this game."I was first given the substance back in 2006. I had several health issues going on at the time."I was getting sick very often and I had a deficiency in magnesium and a family history of diabetes and there were signs of diabetes.

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