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The genetics and blood profile of five different patient groups were determined using genetic and biochemical methods: adults with a normal blood profile, anaemics, beta-thalassaemics, pregnant women, and type 2 diabetics (on limited treatment). To improve the reliability of these results, a separate set of experiments was carried out to see whether a known Maltese variation in haemoglobin, with a prevalence of around 1.8% in the Maltese population, has an effect on the amount of sugar that binds to the haemoglobin. Taken together these results showed that the absolute HbA1c does not improve the link between the genetics and blood profile of the patients. Printable 2013 sweet year calendar - eat drink chic, I've whipped up this mini 2013 calendar for you to download and print. Free blood pressure chart printable blood pressure log, Download free blood pressure chart excel printable blood pressure log track blood pressure..

Many in Malta suffer from the disease because of our high carbohydrate diet and lack of physical activity. Statistical analysis did not reveal an improved link, but the absolute HbA1c did help distinguish between the different patient groups.
Felice) studied whether the absolute HbA1c levels (the haemoglobin fraction with sugar attached multiplied by the haemoglobin concentration) would provide a better method to describe the link between one’s genetics and diabetic condition.
She attempted to reduce the frequency of the testing needed while using a relatively non-invasive test — the withdrawing of one tube of blood, while investigating the genetics of diabetes.
Measuring HbA1c levels is rapid, but unfortunately the results are influenced by factors that affect red blood cells.

With around 5% of Maltese having red blood cell disorders, an alternative measurement would help reduce inaccurate results and unnecessary worry for patients.

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