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Patients who suffer from this type of cancer have to eat a tablespoon of honey mixed with a spoon of cinnamon in powder daily for three months. Mix two tablespoons of cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey in warm water and drink it several times a week. Mix honey and cinnamon, place the mixture on the skin that is affected by the infection and keep it around 30 minutes.
Those who suffer from frequent colds should consume one tablespoon of honey with A? tablespoon of cinnamon once a day for three days. Mix four tablespoons of honey, a tablespoon of cinnamon and three cups of water, boil the mixture and drink it instead of morning coffee. Every day half an hour before breakfast, on empty stomach, and at night before bedtime drink honey and cinnamon powder boiled in one cup of water. With regular consumption, you will notice the weight loss, and if you continue with this habit, your body will not accumulate fat.
Blood Sugar Control - Several studies have found that Cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin resistance.
This study found Cassia Cinnamon was more effective than Ceylon Cinnamon at controlling blood sugar for a given amount of Cinnamon.
In another study Ceylon Cinnamon was found to have an effect on blood sugar control in a rat model. According to Paul David at UC Davis in this NPR story of 2013, Cinnamon has a 3-5% effect on blood sugar levels, similar to anA older generation of diabetes drugs.
There is also some evidence that it is the Cinnamaldehyde component of Cinnamon (commonly found in Cinnamon Bark Oil) that seems to be effective for blood sugar control. Controls Candida - Another cause of Type 2 diabetes is weight gain, often caused by an over population of Candida. Gut Bacteria - There are emerging studies which show that Bacteria responsible for common skin infections, food poisoning and Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) could also trigger Type 2 diabetes. Scientists at the University of Iowa found that prolonged exposure to a toxin produced by the S.aureus bacteria (MRSA) cause rabbits to develop insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and systemic inflammation. Since Cinnamon is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial agent known to man it is logical to conclude that Cinnamon will be helpful in mitigating to development of Type 2 diabetes. One of the best known studies was done in France (Study - CHU Hospital Nord, Saint-Etienne, France) where it was demonstrated that Ceylon Cinnamon Bark Oil was effective against 65 strains of anti-biotic resistant bacteria. This Korean study by Chung-Ang University also shows cinnamon is effective against Staphylococcus aureus. Most physicians can be reluctant to help because they have a vested interest in supplying you with pills, tests and other medical procedures. Modulate the dosage - According to the US Department of health, Cinnamon appears to be safe for most people when taken by mouth in amounts up to 6 grams daily for 6 weeks or less with a period of rest after that, say a week. During the rest period switch to Turmeric which is another spice that reduces blood sugar levels.
Vary the intake method - Taking Cinnamon everyday can be boring, which is why you need to devise some creative ways to incorporate it into your diet. Diet - Changing your diet is the single most effective way to treat and even completely eliminate diabetes. Work with a good Doctor - Remember you should always tell your doctor you are taking Cinnamon, as a precaution.
Cinnamon Bark Oil - If you want the purest of Cinnamon distilled into an oil with high levels of cinnamaldehyde, then this is what you take. I am sure there are times when you just want to eat something sweet, be it a chocolate, sweet, or whatever.
This statement seems to explain our hardwired desire to consume high amounts of sweet, sugary foods which is characteristic of sugar cravings. The consumption of carbohydrates which are rich in sugars results in the release of a neurotransmitter, serotonin which contributes to the development of well-being and happiness. The problem with sugar cravings is that excessive consumption of sugars results in various disorders and diseases including diabetes and obesity. It becomes very important to ensure that our diet is a balanced one and does not contain excessive sugars. One of the easy ways to control sugar cravings is the consumption of cinnamon which is easily available and tastes slightly sweet as well! There are numerous causes of sugar cravings including a yeast or fungal infection, irritability and hormonal changes. Cinnamon has the ability to influence or improve all these conditions to a certain degree and can thus help to reduce sugar cravings. A tremendous amount of research work has been carried out to study the effects of cinnamon consumption on the blood sugar levels.
One such study carried out by the American Diabetic Association involving 60 patients of Type 2 diabetes. A study in 2006 showed that the consumption of 3g of cinnamon extracts can help to significantly lower plasma glucose levels. Another group in 2011 carried out meta-analyses and showed that cinnamon and its extracts are effective in lowering the fasting blood glucose levels significantly.
An exhaustive clinical trial involving 311 patients was carried out and it reported a significant reduction of fasting blood glucose levels upon consumption of cinnamon. Thus, numerous clinical trials have shown that cinnamon can help reduce the blood glucose levels. In the case of sugar cravings, the presence of high levels of glucose in the blood can result in the development of diabetes, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders as well as obesity. What it means: Since cinnamon can effectively reduce the levels of glucose, it can be used to treat sugar cravings. These yeast species feed on the sugar present in the body and result in the development of sugar cravings.
As soon as the sugars get used up, the yeast send signals to the brain triggering the further release of sugar and enhancing the cravings.
The fungal species which are inhibited include Aspergillus parasiticus, Aspergillus falvus, Aspergillus ochraceus and Aspergillus versicolor.
A study published in 2009 has shown that cinnamon oil is the most effective essential oil in inhibiting the growth of three Candida strains.
What it means: Thus, the consumption of cinnamon will help to inhibit the growth of various fungal species in the body at very low concentrations.
The gut of all human beings is rich in numerous species of bacteria which are collectively known as gut bacteria.
What it means: Thus, cinnamon consumption can help to inhibit the growth of the gut bacteria and thus, reduce sugar cravings.
A study at Yale University has determined that sugar is highly addictive and it alters that part of the brain which is involved in impulse control. Due to a phenomenon known as ‘adrenal overload’, people feel irritable and in turn crave sugars.
A study at the Wheeling Jesuit University has indicated that cinnamon may help to enhance alertness and decrease frustration and irritability. What it means: Cinnamon can prove beneficial in reducing stress and irritability and ensuring proper release of the stress hormones. The breakdown product of digestion is glucose which is assimilated by all the cells of our body to meet all the energy requirements. Thus, the digested food would serve to provide more energy efficiently and thus, reduce the body’s urge to consume more sugar.
Moreover, the presence of undigested food promotes the further growth of yeast and this in turn results in the development of sugar cravings.
Since cinnamon itself tastes slightly sweet, it can be used instead of sugar in tea, coffee and other preparations.
There are two variants of cinnamon which are available in the market-Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is the true cinnamon whereas Cassia cinnamon contains coumarin, a toxic compound which can cause liver and kidney damage.

Also, the daily dose of cinnamon should not exceed 4-6g and should not be consumed for a long period of time. Always make sure to consult a physician before you consume cinnamon as a medicine or health aid as it may interfere with some medication or other drugs.
Sugar craving is a condition in which the body has the natural urge to consume excessive sugar.
Cinnamon reduces blood glucose levels, it reduces irritability and it is an excellent anti-fungal and anti-microbial agent. Cinnamon grows abundantly in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and other Asian countries and people out there have been using cinnamon for various medicinal purposes including for skin disorders.
Apart from on the soles of our feet, palms and lips the rest of our body grows hair – around 5 million in an average person. The liver is the largest organ in the body that is located above the abdominal cavity to the right. Dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps is the dull, throbbing pain that most women experience before and during their period.
Cinnamon the popular spice we all know is got from the bark of the tree that is native to Southeast Asia, China and India.
DisclaimerThe information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Contact meIn case you would like to get in touch with me, please email me at info [at] benefitsfromcinnamon [.] com directly. Cinnamon is a very popular spice, harvested from the bark of evergreen trees, which is used all over the world since centuries. In addition to being a condiment, it has also proven beneficial in treating various disorders through its numerous medicinal properties. More than a dozen trees are grouped under the name ‘Cinnamon’ and all are grown commercially for spices. Cassia cinnamon (Chinese Cinnamon) is derived from the Cinnamomum cassia plant which is native to China, Vietnam, India and various other East Asian countries. The Chinese cinnamon is considered to be one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.
It is also used to treat erectile dysfunction, hernia, menstrual problems, kidney disorders, cramps and high blood pressure. There also seems to be some evidence regarding the usefulness of cassia cinnamon in treating Type 2 diabetes. Certain reports also suggest that cassia cinnamon could possibly be effective in treating common cold, cancer, loss of appetite and vomiting.
Although cassia cinnamon is sold widely all over the world, it should be consumed with caution as it contains a high amount of a compound called ‘coumarin’. It is a naturally occurring plant compound and is toxic to the liver, kidneys and the nervous system.
Ceylon cinnamon (true cinnamon) is derived from the Cinnamomum verum tree species which is native to Sri Lanka.
Several cultivars of Ceylon cinnamon are available and they are distinguished on the difference in the taste of the bark. In addition to its use as a spice, Ceylon cinnamon is also used to treat conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory diseases, rheumatism, intestinal gas and nausea.
In traditional medicine, it is used to treat boils and abcesses, diarrhea, vomiting, various respiratory and digestive disorders as well as cancer. Ceylon cinnamon is much more expensive than Cassia Cinnamon and the price can be almost 10 times that of Cassia cinnamon. It is also possible to distinguish them on the basis of the texture of the bark of the tree- Cassia barks are unevenly thick and forms only a few layers when rolled up; Ceylon on the other hand forms numerous layers when rolled up and has a paper-thin bark. Ceylon cinnamon is very delicate and fragile whereas Cassia cinnamon is very tough and hard to grind into a powder. They vary in their taste as well; Ceylon tastes sweet whereas Cassia has a pungent, strong taste. A large number of studies have been carried out, more with the Cassia variety rather than the Ceylon variety, to elucidate the benefits of cinnamon. Thus, although cinnamon is used widely, it is necessary to ensure its source and safety before consumption.
Although a large number of studies have been carried out which have elucidated the numerous medicinal benefits of cinnamon, they do not always differentiate between the different varieties of cinnamon and these reports themselves are inconclusive. Although Cassia cinnamon is more widely used, it contains a high proportion of the cytotoxic compound coumarin. However, in both cases (especially cassia) it is necessary to ensure that the consumption is limited to 4-6g per day and is not consumed for a long time (6 weeks+). As always, it is necessary to consult a doctor before consuming cinnamon for medicinal purposes and ensure that you are not allergic to this spice.
The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for centuries in both traditional Chinese and Ayurveda, a system of healing founded 5000 years ago in India. Also, it is worth mentioning that in Ayurvedic medicine, honey is known as 'Yogavahi', which means "the carrier of the healing values of the herbs to the cells and tissues". 1)HEART DISEASES: Apply honey and cinnamon powder on bread instead of using jam or butter and eat it regularly for breakfast.
Apply a paste made of the two ingredients on the affected part of the body and massage slowly. 4)BLADDER INFECTIONS: Mix a teaspoon of cinnamon powder and half a teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink.
7)COLDS: Make a glass of lukewarm honey water mixed with a pinch of cinnamon powder to help boost your immune system during the cold season.
8)INDIGESTION: Cinnamon powder sprinkled on a spoonful of honey taken before food relieves acidity and prevents indigestion. 9)LONGEVITY: Regularly take tea made with honey and a little cinnamon powder to strengthen your immune system and protect your body from viral and bacterial attacks.
BAD BREATH: Gargle with honey and cinnamon powder mixed in warm water so that breath stays fresh throughout the day.
Honey plus cinnamon together besides being a amazing potential cure for so many illnesses, their total fragrant, sweet and warm taste is also a perfect match for the palate. If you don't know what real or fake cinnamon sticks are, read more in: Ceylon Cinnamon Versus Cassia Cinnamon.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. It is therefore very popular with Type 2 diabetics who take it to control their blood sugar variations. An easy solution is to therefore double your dosage of Ceylon Cinnamon, since even doubling the dosage will not come close to the high Coumarin levels found in Cassia Cinnamon. If you are taking Ceylon Cinnamon for diabetes, take it in moderation as part of a healthy program of diet, proper nutrition and moderate exercise. This study found Cinnamaldehyde the most effective compared to A berberine (Ber), and metformin (Met) at controlling blood sugar levels. These include E-coli, Salmonella, Citrobacter, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). An Indian study (PDF report) further confiirms Cinnamon is the most effective against a whole host of bacteria including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium Bacillus cereus Campylobacter jejuni Listeria monocytogenes, Streptococcus pyogenes, Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureas.
This information is presented for informational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any illness. If you take anything for too long, yes even Ceylon Cinnamon, it will build up toxicity in your system. Make a Te De Canela - This traditional Mexican drink made with Ceylon Cinnamon is world famous.
Fortunately we have stumbled upon the Ketosis diet which seems remarkably effective to combat diabetes. Very hard to do but if you avoid buying anything with more than 2-3 ingredients you are off to a good start.

That method will ensure good levels of cinnamon in your system, but you can incorporate Cinnamon in other recipes too.
There is a temptation to take too much and either burn your stomach or get your sugar levels way too low. However, due to sugar cravings, it becomes very difficult to restrict the consumption of sugars. It has been widely used as a herb and a spice for centuries and in the recent times, scientists are attempting to elucidate the other medicinal benefits of cinnamon. They showed that a dose of cinnamon ranging from 1-6g for 40 days helped to lower the blood glucose level by 18-29%. The presence of sugars also helps in enhancing the rate of growth of the fungus and it may become virulent. In this study, they tested the efficacy of cinnamon oil against two cultures of Cadida- Candida pasapsilosis and Candida orthopsilosis. These bacteria thrive on the sugar present in the digested food and consume it for their own growth and proliferation. In a study performed in 2008, the essential oils of cinnamon were tested for their efficacy in inhibiting the growth of microbial strains. Sugar cravings are developed due to this lack of self- control and these sets in motion a vicious, additive cycle.
The adrenal overload results in an excessive release of a stress hormone known as adrenaline from our adrenal glands. In turn, the body will not turn to sugar as a source of instant energy, reducing the sugar cravings. As cinnamon helps to improve digestion, it would ensure better absorption and assimilation of nutrients. One great thing about cinnamon is there are so many ways to use it – cinnamon oil, powder, mask, etc.
While for some this is a mild discomfort, for others, it could be so severe that it affects their daily activities each month. Acne is one of the commonest skin conditions, caused by inflammation and clogging of oil glands. However, the two varieties most used for food and medicinal purposes are – Cinnamomum zeylancium or Ceylon cinnamon which grows mostly in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Caribbean and Brazil. Cassia cinnamon is used to treat numerous conditions such as flatulence, muscular spasms, diarrhea, infections, etc. It has been shown that consuming cassia cinnamon for 6 weeks helps to control blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Application of cassia cinnamon in the form of a skin lotion can help to prevent mosquito bites. However, the reports are not convincing and more research needs to be carried out to determine the usefulness of cassia cinnamon in medical conditions. It is thus recommended to limit the consumption of cinnamon to 2-4g per day and not to consume cinnamon for more than a few weeks at a stretch. The leaves of Ceylon cinnamon are about 7-18 cm long and the flowers are greenish in color and have a distinct odour. The spice obtained from the bark of the Ceylon variety is superior to that obtained from the Cassia variety. The flavor of Cassia cinnamon can be distinguished from that of Ceylon cinnamon as Cassia has a much more delicate flavor. The presence of coumarin in Cassia cinnamon can cause more damage than good and it is recommended to consume the true cinnamon i.e. Thus, it is recommended that you consume Ceylon cinnamon which is regarded as the true cinnamon. This basically follows the rule that overdose of anything may be harmful. There are several contradicting thoughts on this but again, if one is including cinnamon in diet it will rarely go above 2-3 gms per day and thus no chance of overdose happens. Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices known to mankind and honey's popularity has continued throughout history.
It is believed that when combined with another substance (eg a herb or spice) in a formulation, the special quality of honey enhances the medicinal qualities of that formulation and helps them reach the deeper tissues in the body more effectively.
It is believed that in the long run, this can help prevent blockages in blood vessels, heart attacks and hypercholesterolemia. Drinking tea with honey and cinnamon daily can also help relieve pain and stiffness in the joints. For severe Type 2 diabetics, whether you can take enough cinnamon to make a difference is a decision you should make in consultation with your doctor. It does this primarily by delaying gastric emptying, keeping you feeling fuller for longer and thereby circumventing your appetite. If you are taking Cinnamon for diabetes and for blood sugar control, you need to follow a few basic steps. But a good Doctor will work with you and help you to ascertain the efficacy of Cinnamon for diabetes.
While research shows Cinnamon helps reduce blood sugar levels, until you eliminate the causes of your diabetes you will have to take Cinnamon or medicine forever.
What's more it is relatively easy to implement and get rid of your sugar and carb addictions. You should work with a good Doctor who is receptive to alternative therapy treatments, can discuss how you can take it and monitor your sugar levels. In a stressed condition, these glands do not function properly and we begin to crave sugar to feel energetic.
The liver receives oxygenated blood from the hepatic artery and the hepatic portal vein supplies it with nutrient-rich blood.
Apart from lower abdominal cramps and pain, a woman can experience radiating pain on the thighs and back, loose stools, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, sweating etc.
Cinnamon has been used in traditional medicine to treat various health problems like gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, loss of appetite, bronchitis etc.
When these glands produce excess oil, it does not get secreted but combines with dirt and dead skin cells to clog and inflame hair follicles. Scientists claim that Ceylon cinnamon is safer to consume in higher doses as compared to Cassia cinnamon.
But do it in consultation with your doctor because he or she will know your specific medical condition.
If you are pregnant, nursing or have a heart condition you should definitely not take Cinnamon.
Make Cinnamon Orange Water - Boil some Cinnamon sticks, let it cool and add a slice of orange and take it in your water bottle to work or the gym.
Eat good quality food high in nutrition but also never get into patterns of eating the same thing over and over again.
If you do try it, make sure you do regular testing for blood sugar levels to ascertain that it really works for you. The liver performs many important functions like regulating chemical levels in our blood and excreting waste products. Our Ceylon Cinnamon powder is a premium quality powder with 1.1% essential oil content in it. While some say only Cassia Cinnamon works for diabetes, we have offered compelling evidence that Ceylon Cinnamon could be just as effective without the risk of Coumarin.
There is no great danger if you have more than that on some days, but don't make it a habit. A stick of Ceylon Cinnamon added to Asian curries adds warmth and depth to the the dish, especially a beef or chicken curry.

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