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In the vast expanse of the country’s climate varies according to the distance from the equator to as the elevation above the sea is very different.
Citizens of the European Union require a visa to enter Brazil (if their stay in the country and serves the purpose of tourism you do not want to stay longer than 90 days).You must fill out an entry card, which is usually already handed out on the plane.
International airports with direct connections to Europe: Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Salvador, Forteleza, Brasilia, Recife and Natal.
Brazilian airlines: TAM (dense route network, London and Paris, Milan, New York), Varig (for restructuring small network, New York and Frankfurt), BRA (small network, Cologne-Bonn), GOL (low cost, dense network, some connections in South American cities, for non-Brazilians only be booked by American Express, very reliable), Webjet (low cost, small power). Bands until they leave the security zone have the baggage, as it always comes back for follow-up.
Hotels and Pousadas in all price ranges from simple to Nobel are sufficient and available everywhere.
Grozny is a city in Russia, the capital of the Chechnya Republic, standing on both banks of the Sunzha River, the tributary of the Terek River.
During the Soviet times, Grozny was several times repopulated by Russians or by Chechens and Ingush. Later, after Stalin’s death, Chechens and Ingush people were allowed to return to the city, while the Russian population began to leave it.
With the end of the USSR, the city became the center of the Chechen separatist government headed by Dzhokhar Dudaev.

But resistance was not ended, and numerous Chechen guerrilla raids continued to operate in Grozny from the nearby mountains.
Neighbouring countries (from north to south) are French Guiana , Suriname , Guyana , Venezuela , Colombia ,Peru , Bolivia , Paraguay , Argentina and Uruguay . While already west of Rio de Janeiro from the Serra do Espinhaco and more often, further south in the Serra Geral, Rio Grande do Sul, the temperature below 0 ° decreases and the climate of the last non-tropical areas is generally temperate, prevails in the basin of the Amazon one uniformly hot temperature of 28-29 ° C on average and without significant cooling during the night. The bottom portion of this map should be stored carefully because it will be presented upon departure. Connections with all major airlines, Rio and Sao Paulo directly from many european.Metropolitan areas. After the GOL-crash 2006 (collision with another machine by incorrect transfer between the pilot areas) service is provided by the book.
Even in the winter, when you come here to escape for Christmas the weather is a comfortable 16-21 ° Celsius. During the battle, the Press House, one of the city's schools, and several other buildings were severely damaged. It was the military outpost of the Russian Empire that played an important role during the Caucasian War.
The town was growing slowly before the discovery of oil, happened in the beginning of the 20th century.

After several tries to overthrow Dudayev and return the region under the control of the Russian government, the first Russian President, Boris Yeltsin, ordered to return control over the region by military force. The city is not protected from the cold northern winds, and therefore, in contrast to the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar region, winters are colder here. In the center of the city, you can see a large Islamic complex with a total area of almost 14 hectares. The facility is more appropriate, therefore, no wardrobe, desk and no bright lights, but depending on price range if a larger tub (otherwise rare in Brazilian hotels).
A lot of buildings and infrastructure objects were damaged or destroyed, because of the Russian Air Force and artillery strikes. In the Amazon basin there is an almost continuous rains, the main rainy months are November to March. Anyone who wants more than 90 days remain in the country can apply for an extension of his residence permit for another 90 days. For connections in Sao Paulo between international and domestic airport (journey time 60 min) run buses from the airline TAM and GOL in vain if one of the flights made with the airline.

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