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The study focuses specifically at menarche -- beginning of puberty and myriad hormonal changes in the body -- and gestational diabetes -- that begins or is first recognised during pregnancy, the researchers said. Early menarche is also associated with higher levels of estrogen in adulthood, and other hormone imbalances are associated with an increased risk of gestational diabetes, the study said.When menarche began at age 11 compared to age 14, women had a 39 per cent higher risk of developing gestational diabetes, the study showed.
Those affected may represent a high-risk population and should be targeted for prevention programs, the researchers warned.
Good weight control before pregnancy might help to reduce the gestational diabetes risk among those women, the researchers suggested.
Several studies have shown that certain girls, particularly African-American girls, experience puberty earlier than others, but there’s an ongoing debate about what that might mean.There are a number of reasons why some girls begin puberty earlier than others. These and other toxic chemicals were approved for consumer consumption by the EPA & FDA review and approval boards who are staffed by short-term employees from the very companies submitting for approval. Africans are just as the same as African-Americans, because African-Americans are of the same descent of africans. I remember reading a study years ago that in households with a father present, their daughters experienced menarche on average a year later than in households with no Dad present. I was going to add that I was 12 when I began and I was average height, weight and am of mostly Northern European descent.
What causes ovarian cancer today is the extreme amount of hormone-mimicking compounds in the foods, containers, air and water. My observation has been that your pre-existing political and racial attitudes shape what they see.
Being the father of two beautiful bi-racial girls articles such as this tend to catch my eye. Considering how long we now live and the mistakes that people often make while growing up, it would be beneficial if we could delay puberty until a person matures emotionally, gets educated and learns to behave like a responsible adult. I kid her mother and her that it was the STEROIDS in the chicken nuggets she used to devour as a child !
I hate these types of articles, they always present negative opinionated bs, especially concerning African Americans. 23blog on 23andMe’s Newest Feature Explores Your Ancestry23blog on Understanding Sharing at 23andMe23blog on Whose Y to Use? Note that past blog posts may reflect versions of the product that may not be available currently.
An increased risk, although lower, also occurred when menarche began at 12 and 13, the findings, published in the journal Diabetes Care, revealed. Girls who are heavier tend to enter puberty earlier than thinner girls, while there are also disorders that can trigger “precocious puberty”— or puberty before age eight. Its good to see that scientists are studying issues that affect African American girls-knowledge is power. Not only do they create havoc with a young girls hormone development they create gender-bending and sexual mis-orientation in developing fetuses and younger children, ages 1-5. Most modern Africans were still under the rule of a European colonial government until the mid-70s, so even they tend to have a little European or Arab blood thrown into the mix.

I am of European descent,was slightly overweight as a child,started menstruating at 9 years old as did,I am told, my paternal grandmother.. This is just observation of course, but it does entail thousands of people over many years, where I pretty much always knew their ages. There are whites and Asians (from India and Phillipines ) who have been working in this area for MANY years. Even if black girl get their periods 4 -6 months earlier (Thats it?!)- that does not spell black kids look older and are more sexual earlier somehow by nature. I remember my mother always saying because she got a period and breasts at 9 years-old, so would I. Might the growth stimulants that have been put into the food chain put a faster aging process into humans?
She was always much taller than everyone else and seemed to be much more mature than most girls her age.
I then make sure to tell her that no matter what, she the most beautiful child in the world.
There are a lot of factors involved beyond genetics that play a role in disease, but knowing of a risk can help in taking actions that may help prevent a disease from developing. African Americans stem from over 60 different tribes and most are substantially genetically different from one another. I got my period at 14, have 5 kids, my last born is a girl, she is super skinny, with small boobs, no period yet and she is 13.
Black children appear older than other children, seem to deveop sexually at an earlier age; reaching adulthood sooner. If you ask each of them the same questions about the same nieghborhood and same blacks- you will get dramatically different statements. In 2003, age 27, I was diagnosed with PCOS{ (Polycystic Ovararian Syndrone), it’s is when your hormones produce Androgens, too much Estrogen and not enough Progesterone}. They use these small studies that are overly generalized, then come up with these bs theories, then give us bs preventative medicine that likely does more harm than good. I was skinny 50 years ago, still super skinny, breastfed each child for 2 years, never took contraceptive, my boobs are still good and I am very healthy, just returned back from Kabul for an assignment, I look 25 rather than 50. Yet all of these whites and asians swear their opinions are based soley on what they have seen for years.
Black girls who are solidly middle class do NOT look or act older and more sexually mature. Instead I got it at 14 and I’ve always been pretty flat (especially in comparison to my mother).
Effects of PCOS is Diabetes type II and Heart Disease, Sterilization, Metabolic Disorders and a host of other problems. I don’t care about your statistics, I want you out of my business, and for you to stop making stereotypes out of us—using you bias scientific methods. Today, African-American women tend to begin menstruating four to six months earlier than girls of European descent.

East Asians seem to have healthier old ages, while Blacks tend to be obese, and die younger. In fact, the behavior of teen and college aged white girls in the same middle and upper classes is promiscuios by comparison.
Do you see more young black kids acting “pushier” or louder and more aggresive than other kids do or should?
Currently, I have diabestes (type II), I havn’t hade any more children or have been pregnant and I was just told that my cholesterol is elevated. Later in life African-American women also have a higher risk for obesity, hypertension, and metabolic disorders including diabetes.
The African culture is beautiful and has enhanced every aspect of American culture, whether it be music, dance, art, food, fashion etc. I know, I know what is true on average may not be true at all for the individual; and all is confounded by mixed racial heritage.
These two trends could be related and genetic factors could be a common denominator.A new study of African-American women looked specifically at genetic variations contributing to  age at menarche. We’re interested in helping people explore their own DNA and what it can tell them about themselves.
Well 4 years later, she hasn’t grown in a year, everyone on her team has caught up to her. For instance, African-American men are more likely to develop and die from prostate cancer than people of European descent. Yet research on populations with non-European ancestry continues to lag.In this case study, the researchers performed a meta-analysis of existing research to search for DNA variants associated with earlier menarche in African-American women and then compared their results to data from women of European descent. The variants, called SNPs (or single-nucleotide polymorphisms), can account for some of the differences in biological traits, in this case early menarche, between two individuals. These variants in turn can help scientists identify the genes and biological mechanisms controlling menarche timing.Out of 42 SNPs associated with age at menarche in European women, 25 were also associated with the trait in African-American women, bolstering the evidence that these genes genetic variants are tied to menarche timing.
However, they also found variants in eight regions of the genome that were more strongly associated with age at menarche in African-American women than in European-American women.
Many of these regions contain genes that influence obesity, underscoring the link between body fat and early menarche. Other regions include genes associated with breast and other cancers.Although this is the largest and most comprehensive study of its kind, the total number of data samples of African-American women available to the researchers was still fewer than are now available for European-American women.
And yet the study demonstrates an important fact: by studying diverse ethnicities, scientists can refine their understanding of the role genes play in all populations.

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