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Scoring the most career points – 36,928 to be exact – in NBA history, there’s no doubt that Karl Malone has had an amazing career to say the least, but these days, the “mailman” is busy delivering off the court. Earlier this year, Malone partnered with AstraZeneca to promote TOPROL-XL Direct, a program that delivers high blood pressure medicine directly to your home for only $10 a month. BDO: You’re one of the greatest NBA players of all time so before we get into heart health and your new campaign, how do you see this year’s NBA season shaping up?
The partnership is near and dear to his heart considering the fact that he lost both his mother and grandmother to heart attacks.
You’ve got teams like Golden State, you’ve got Memphis, you’ve got Atlanta, of course, San Antonio I think will always be there, Cleveland’s starting to make a run, which we knew they would, Dallas Mavericks, Houston is there even though Dwight is out right now.

If you enjoy having smooth legs, there is nothing worse than the stubble that comes popping back up days later.
The exfoliator will help remove dead skin cells, and will also force the short hairs to push further out from underneath the surface of the skin. This recipe is much tastier, less expensive, and is lower in fat than most of the regular, store-bought varieties. I see it shaping up really well, but what’s really exciting is – now, of course, I’m a Utah Jazz fan so we don’t have to go there [laughs], but the thing about it is it’s kind of neat to see other teams play. What if I told you there were a few things that you could do to make your shave last a bit longer?

It’s a team sport and to see other teams play – I think I said Golden State – I like to see those guys play, I like to watch Portland play and the Clippers so it’s shaping up to be really good. How about if you’re Golden State and you have the best record and you happen to pick the returning champs San Antonio to start [laughs]?

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