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Here I'll review Apple's Composite AV Cable, which seemed feasible, as I have the iPad 3 with the 30-pin connector, the connector used by the Composite AV Cable, and AV connections are fine for most old TVs. From prior experience connecting a laptop PC to my television with an RCA composite cable, I expected to plug the cables into the television, plug the 30 pin connector to my iPad, turn both on and have my iPad screen display on the TV.
I did not try everything, but below is a summary of my testing with the Apple Composite AV Cable.
Also, I have discovered how to get Apple TV to work on older TVs without an HDMI connection. Finally, you can check Apple's Composite AV Cable compatability list below if you have compatability questions about your specific device.
Robert KoehlJanuary 28, 2016 at 5:30 AMThank you so very much for this list of compatible streaming apps! Let me know if you try any of the tips or the videos and how they help (or if they don’t). Lo and behold, up came the familiar red Netflix starting screen, both on my iPad and on the TV! All I needed to do would be to round up all the various streaming possibilities, Safari or in-app, and I should be good!

It seems whether an app or a website can stream to the TV (at least through the Composite AV Cable) is up to the whim of the developer.
The Apple Photos app will display in slideshow mode, but I tried several prominent game apps without success.
I expect consistency in the iOS world; it would behoove Apple, which has to sanction all apps, to insist on streaming apps to have TV-out capability. It turns out Bakasana is a pose many of you are either working on, wanting to learn, or hoping to improve.
Always practice mindfully, staying within a pain free range of motion and not forcing anything in any pose. Some stream fine, some don't stream at all, and some stream in Safari but not in the app (or vice versa).
I try to make sure my weight is balanced and I’m not putting too much energy into my stronger (tighter) side. You might think you could get the  lightning-to-30-pin cable and connect that to the Composite AV Cable. However, confusingly, on my iPad the red start screen disappeared and went into the normal list of available shows on the app, but this isn't what was on the TV screen.

I tried to give as much instruction as possible to help get you flying into crow during last week’s video, but it’s hard to completely break down a pose during a full practice video. I tried putting a block in front of my head too but for some reason I just cant get into it!
Have your hands on your mat, feet on the block to help give you a little height to get the knees further up the legs without having to use so much of the hip flexors to bring the knees up that high.
I got you covered with a detailed image and a quick instructional video below to really take a closer look at Bakasana – Crow Pose.
Follow the other tips of hugging elbows in, engaging the core, gazing forward with a lift in the chest to start playing with lifting the feet up off the block.

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