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Rendering New 2013 Mercedes GL Release Date, Exterior, Interior, Diesel and Spy Photos– The 2013 Mercedes GL will be the second generation of the GL class from Mercy, which is expected to deliver the best performance and power from the ride.
There’re several rumors saying that this 2013 Mercedes GL will be available with three row seating arrangements, but such rumors aren’t still unsure.
Of course, when talking about the exterior part of the 2013 Mercedes GL, it wouldn’t be complete without talking about the engine department. When the spy images of the ride was shown on the internet, people aren’t able to see the details of the upcoming powerful ride from Mercedes-Benz. The ride is still covered in camouflage cover, but several glimpses can be made about the overall design of the ride. But several designs and styles can be made from the sketches of the ride; making people are able to get clearer ideas of what the Mercedes GL Class should look like.

It seems that the backlight model will be more sloped with the rear fenders model sweep up to the back side of the bumper.
The ride also is said to run on V6 turbo diesel engine with 3.0 liter capacity which is said to be very fuel friendly. Here are a few of the clearest images of the new Mercedes GL 2013 we’ve found with the AMG styling package. The ride will still incorporate the blunt nose, the upright design and profile, and also the increasing design for the beltline.
Anyway.  The car is suspected to come with lower stance with bigger wheels, as incorporated in the AMG GL63 model. If the ride is also included in the AMG line, then the car should be available with bigger brakes and also more pronounced exhaust pipes.

So far, those are the guess and predictions of what the 2013 Mercedes GL Class would look like.
It seems that the company will use V8 twin turbo engine with 4.7 liter capacity for US market, which is able to produce power between 400 to 450 hp. This new and redesigned 2013 Mercedes GL will be available in fall and arrive in dealership as 2013 model starting next year.

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