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Twice over the past week when the temperature was below 20 degrees F, the truck would accelerate very slowly and lose speed on steep hills.
I have to wait for the temperatures to drop again to take to my dealer so they can duplicate the issue. Due the the recent severe cold weather in the Northeast, I was able to recreate the situation. My independent mechanic read the OBD fault code P2078 which is the pressure differential sensor.
Actually, make that seventy-plus years in this case, because the first passenger Mercedes diesel debuted in 1936, and the company has been known for its wizardry in the diesel arts ever since (see a brief history of same in my review of the E320 BlueTec). Depending on which suspension setting you choose, Comfort or Sport, the ride is soft and quiet or slightly jittery and fine-tuned. With a 24-mpg EPA highway fuel economy rating (an underestimate of between 1 and 3 mpg, by my calculations) and a 25-gallon fuel tank, the ML320 BlueTec offers a driving range of 600 miles, easily taking care of two weeks of the average commute without a visit to the pump: an advantage, even with diesel going for slightly more than gasoline in most parts of the country. Aside from being the only Autosavant writer with a Wikipedia page, Roger Boylan is an American writer who was raised in Ireland, France, and Switzerland and attended the University of Ulster and the University of Edinburgh. A friend of mine had her CEL come on and the car is running with very little power until it get's into 5th and over 50 mph. Also, I removed the two bolts that seem to hold the EGR valve on (Difficult to get to in the back of the engine) but it would not budge. At this point I did not want to push my luck and break the valve by prying on it so I just put it back together.
The second picture is looking at the engine from the back which puts the EGR just out of view in the upper left corner.

Did you find the issue, I am having the same issue and I do not want to purchase the pump if it is not the problem. Turn the lumbar switch down to zero on both front seats, and let the pump have a little time to recover.
If you still do not have soft close on the doors and trunk, at least you know it is not (only) the lumbar support system. As can be seen in the photos, my test vehicle was stark kitchen-appliance white in hue; not my favorite color, although a prime choice for sunny Texas, where I live. There’s no shift lever of any kind on the console, and nothing resembling the four- or five-on-the-tree shifter familiar to drivers of pickups and Crown Victorias. I plumped for Comfort mode, being the sort of wretched hedonist who likes his comfort zones.
That, and the inherent durability of compression-ignition engines, not to mention the beast’s good looks and all that heritage, would justify in my mind the choice of the ML320 BlueTec over its gasoline-powered sibling, the ML350, as well as over many rivals such as the BMW M5, Acura MDX, etc. His novel “Killoyle” was published in 1997 by Dalkey Archive Press and has been reprinted four times. I understand the concept of crankcase ventilation but didn't think it should produce a puddle of oil in the intake. It could be one or more line connections or even the lumbar pouch in the back of your seat (a frequent case). It’s only when you hunt through the small grove of stalks sprouting from the steering column that control everything from the windshield wipers to the cruise control (a Mercedes quirk I remember from Benzes past) do you find anything marked with the requisite PRND settings. I also appreciate sybaritic touches like the one-touch open-and-close tailgate, the driver’s-seat power lumbar adjustments, the tasteful interior chocolate-on-taupe color scheme, the supple leather, the rich wood accents, and the instant responsiveness of the automatic HVAC system.

In 2003, a sequel, “The Great Pint-Pulling Olympiad,” was published by Grove Press, New York. When I removed the air intake duct to the turbo just to get it out of my way I noticed a considerable amount of oil laying in the front of the turbo intake as well as in the plastic air intake duct. My vacuum pump has stopped functionating for some reason, so my remote open and lock system does not work.
The ’08 redesign enhanced the aesthetic presence of the ML-Class, which is now, in my humble opinion, an outstandingly attractive vehicle, distinctive amid the lumpy sameness of most SUVs.
Since it was not my car I did not want to take the chance of breaking the valve by hammering on it which is what I would have done on my own car. This appetizing cocktail is stored under the cargo floor in a seven-gallon tank that takes the place of the spare tire, which has been replaced by an air pump and inner tube filling gizmo. Suffice it to say that the ML’s is great, as these things go (and I wish they would). I have been informed that the vacuum pump system lays in the trunk, where I can not reach it. Only then does the diesel sound remotely like its clattering ancestors, but only briefly, and good heavens, when it does, do you ever move. I was thinking it migh just be a fuse, but it almost sounds to good to be true, but then, I can not check this because I do not know where the fuse is located.

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