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Look, I know the supernatural is something that isn't supposed to happen, but it does happen. While Halloween is just one day out of the year, the real truth is that tricks and treats happen to us all year long. While it is true that dead men, and dead patients, tell no tales, their families do, and rightfully so, through the media, lawsuits and formal grievance procedures. According to ProPublica, an independent, non-profit investigative journalism newsroom, most of the patients affected by medical mistakes do not file formal reports about them and they think this is a problem for all of us. Since one of the barriers to reporting errors is knowing who to contact to file a formal grievance, I recently put together a resources list for those living in the United States here.
So I asked participants in this month's Patients for a Moment (PFAM) blog carnival to be brave and courageous.
For some of us, nothing causes as much dread and foreboding as anticipating "the talk" from our doctor about how we need to lose weight. Witches are scary, with their evil spells and potions, like the one from the fairytale Snow White who said, "Take this apple, dearie. Maniacal doctors experimenting on patients, medical procedures conducted without anesthetic and bone-chilling screams; these things don't just happen in the movies, they can happen to you at your next doctor's visit.
Oh the creatures of Halloween--zombies, vampires, werewolves and witches--each doing something different yet equally frightening, like eating brains or drinking blood.
We will also be looking for hosts for the carnival for next year, 2013, so please consider volunteering.
What This Woman Did To These Rooms Will Make You Jealous, Especially When The Light Goes Out. A Cool Dad Bought Some Old Car Parts For Her Daughter, What He Did Next Will Make You Jealous! Being sick is the thing people doesn’t want to happen to them, unless you don’t want to go to work as an excuse.

Now these cases of rare disease are out in the open, but through modern science society understand these disorders better. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis – an extremely rare autosomal recessive genetic hereditary skin disorder associated with a high risk of carcinoma of the skin. Haemangioma – a condition that causes abnormalities in the capillaries and veins in his face.
Hypertrichosis aka “Werewolf Syndrome” – a blanket medical term that refers to excessive body hair. Macrodactyly – defined as abnormally large fingers or toes from birth due to overgrowth of underlying bone and soft tissue.
Maggot Infestation – the image above is the mouth of a man who suffers from a Sarcophagid fly larvae infestation. Neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition which causes uncontrollable growths along the nerves. Noma – a severe disfiguring gangrene of the mouth and face that starts as a gingival ulcer and spreads rapidly through the tissues.
Polyostotic Fibrous Dysplasia – A disorder that features the replacement of multiple areas of bone by fibrous tissue, which may cause fractures and deformity of the legs, arms, and skull.
Despite living with such bizarre medical conditions, these people often display unusual tenacity and grace — something that is rare even among those not suffering from something as debilitating as progeria, a rare genetic condition that produces rapid aging in children. I wanted them to write about the ways that health care has scared them, injured them or let them down. Did you know there are over 60 different kinds of doctors practicing in our medical system? Their illness are so rare that people looked at them as freaks, they insulted them, ridicule them, and they despised them thinking that they can get infected with their disease. In the most extreme instances, the entire face is duplicated, hence the name diprosopus, which is Greek for two-faced.

The list here gather ten of the weirdest medical conditions that you wona€™t see every day. Unfateful occurrences of such medical malpractice cases are definitely unwanted but sometimes these things really depend on our luck as an individual and are at times beyond our control. This is because they are ignorant of what is really happening to these people with bizarre medical conditions. Of course nobody in the right mind would want to suffer the same sorry state that the patients of these mentioned stories did, but like I said, some things just cannot be avoided and there isn't much we as individuals can do. These conditions are so bizarre that you will think of it as an urban legend but it’s not and it’s totally real!
They are suffering not just with their unhealthy body but with a broken heart and spirit, yet still they persist to live their lives.
Alice in Wonderland SyndromeFictions such as Alice in Wonderland and Jonathan Swifta€™s Gullivera€™s Travels feature dwarfed characters such as the Lilliputs.
Marty Makary says that if medical mistakes where a recognized cause of death, they would be ranked number 6, right after accidents and before Alzheimer's disease. From these fictions micropsia, a neurological condition is often called Alice in Wonderland syndrome or Lilliput sight because suffers of the condition perceive living and non-living objects much smaller than normal.9. Electromagnetic HypersensitivityExposure to electromagnetic fields is unavoidable these days and this is very unfortunate to those who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Another unfortunate detail about this weird medical condition is that the WHO didna€™t find a scientific basis for hypersensitivity from electromagnetic fields.
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