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This is the most commonly used type of finch feeder and can be very popular with the finches if it is cared for properly. If you are curious about which goldfinch species are visiting your feeders, ready my previous post about the there goldfinch species found in the United States.
I tried a sock feeder first, but a squirrel ripped it open, so I bought a mesh feeder for the thistle and there are finches there frequently! You forgot the upside down tube finch feeder…only goldfinches and pine siskens feed upside down and the special feeders prevent other birds from stealing feed! More Blog PostsHurricane BirdsHurricanes are powerful and sometimes scary storms for those on the coast but, those of us living inland can sometimes be treated to cool hurricane birds. Birding Hotspots: Pawnee National GrasslandsWhen you think of birding hotspots in Colorado, you probably picture mountains but in the northeastern part of the state, there are incredible grasslands. They are made of a metal mesh and much like the sock feeders, the finches just cling right to them to feed.

Try Birding!If you love the thrill of the chase and the fun of spotting new Pokemon Go creatures, you need to give real-life birding a try! Picking the correct feeder can determine whether you’ll be seeing loads of birds or not.
Since the tube can trap water and water can cause the seed to mold, you might find yourself cleaning this feeder frequently in order to keep the birds coming back. You typically don’t see the same amount of issues with wet seed as you do in a tube feeder because air can move through the feeder and dry the seed if it gets wet.

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