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R- RELEVANT– The goal should be something that relates to something important to you. T- TIMELY– You should give yourself an amount of time that you would like to accomplish your goal in. The other poem I Still Believe encourages you to still have faith even when doors have shut and when trials come. Empowerment poem I’ve Come Believing is a poem that speaks about the main person who can empower people, which is God.

Empowerment poem You Can empowers you to believe that you can achieve whatever you desire to be in life. This person in the poem came to church believing that there was something more than what the world had to offer.
It mentions various trials that we may or have come across but regardless of what they are, we need to keep going towards the goal.
If you let go of your goals and dont workhard to achieve them, your life will not becomplete.

These poems will help you develop confidence in yourself so that you can go out and achieve your goals.

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