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We know we may rankle a few readers with this one, but when it comes to all-purpose, get-everything-on-your-list grocery stores, we think Fairway has little competition. You can buy cans or jars of tamarind concentrate or large blocks of seedless tamarind paste. Down in Chinatown in Manhattan, as well as Sunset Park in Brooklyn, they are going for 4 for $5 or 3 for $4.00 in some stores, the prices varying on the day and the stock. Kalustyan's had fresh Holy basil in the fridge when I stopped by, as well as dry Holy basil, but their website only lists dried.
So over the last 30 or so years of living in NYC, I’ve put in many, MANY hours of food shopping, in many different neighborhoods, and, as such, have very strong (and, as it happens, very correct) opinions about where to go for which sort of products.

For years Fairway has been a godsend to residents of Upper West Side apartments, as well as Morningside Heights, Manhattanville and Hamilton Heights residents who visit their Upper Manhattan location. Nabes we cover: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Westchester County, Nassau County, Northern New Jersey (Hudson, Bergen and Essex Counties), and Fairfield County in CT. Fairway, multiple locations; walk along Grand Street between Chrystie Street and East Broadway in Manhattan, or 8th Avenue in Brooklyn, and most stands and stores have mangos out front.
In addition to the stores listed there are also sites online where you can order Thai groceries. However, with Manhattan from 39th Street southward in power blackout along with parts of Brooklyn, most stores are only able to sell goods for cash.

At each restaurant where I sampled this dish afterwards, the green used had a slightly different shaped leaf.
And in the end, one thing is clear: the best place to buy groceries of all kinds in New York City, is Fairway. Although the frozen version may not be as pungent as their fresh counterparts, I was pleased with the results when I used them in a green curry and a Tom Ka Gai soup.

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