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Meditation is a means of quieting the busy chatter inside our head by slowing down the thought process, through one pointed focus, using a mind tool as the center of interest. Simply put, the goal in meditation is to redirect the focus from the many thoughts we have at any given moment, toward one single thing, which could include using specific breathing techniques, postures, motions (yoga asana) or sound (such as a mantra), a visualization or focused attention on whatever arises within the body or mind, on a moment to moment basis.
There are many different styles of meditation, I practice, Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga.
Mindfulness Meditation:   A western, non-sectarian, research-based form of meditation derived from a 2,500 year old Buddhist practice called Vipassana or Insight Meditation, the most well known advocate is Dr.
Yoga is also meditation, Patanjali’s famous definition of yoga is “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah”, which means “yoga is the removal of the fluctuations of the mind”.
There is nothing that compares to the patented ingredients found in Nerium which combat all signs of aging - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee but you won't want to give it back! The researcher studied what happens to the brain while praying; its activity, sanity, and performance. Some scientists who examined the impact of meditation on the minds of Buddhist monks found that there are active parts in the brain become inactive in the state of meditation, while other inactive parts before the start of the meditation become active. Also, similar complex interactions happen between different areas of the brain during meditation with the ones that occur during the so-called spiritual or mystical experiences.
This second picture is a comparison between the normal state (left) and the state of meditation (right). This researcher affirms that faith is very necessary for the existence of human beings, because it makes them more adapted to fate and answers the questions raised by the brain. Worshiping and meditating for 12 minutes a day, delays the diseases of aging and reduces stress and anxiety.
A new book published recently in the United States written by specialists in neuroscience gives a compendium of experiments and studies of the researcher Nioberg, assistant professor at the University of Pennsylvania.
The researchers discovered through out this book that believing in God makes permanent changes in the human brain and how it works. Unfortunately, there is no similar studies about the impact of praying on the health status of the Muslims, but we can say that: 'The praying that Allah ordered us to practice is characterized by humility and tranquility achieved from reading Quran, and from what is stated by scientists, it also has moves that is appropriate to activate muscles and bones. In Islam, praying is not just practicing rituals like Buddhism, but it has meanings, connotations, objectives and a sense of closeness to Allah, as one becomes very close to Allah, especially in the position of prostrate.
The Frontal Lobe area is responsible for creative thinking and decision-making, therefore, praying humbly helps the man to make decisions properly and this means that praying helps you to work things out in your business and be successful!
The changes caused by praying and keep on practicing it, have huge reflections to the brain. Truth is, some Muslim researchers have made studies about the effect of praying on the mental and physical health, and they found out that praying is one of the best exercises, especially if performed in mosques.
Again, the Islamic praying has the most impact on the mechanism of the brain, and if scientists considered the impact of humility while praying, they would see impressive results. Meditation is the art of escaping the stress or problems of every day life, or a tool of self reflection for improvement of ones self.
Stress ReliefMeditation is a great way to relieve stress whether it be a huge upcoming project that will prevent you from graduating if you fail, down to the simple nitty gritty of every day life.
Day dreamingDay dreaming is a perfect example of the deep level of thought found in the meditative stateSports or physical activity Sports place your mind in a stress relieved state through concentration on a subject that is completely seperated from your every day life.
Explanation of concepts used to fulfill the definition provided at the beginning of the presentation.**notes** there are 7 primary processes used to meditate.
Breathing meditationBreathing meditation is a simple series of breathing techniques used to reach a state of relaxation from any position. Conceptual meditationConceptual meditation is an alternative way of achieving a relaxed state of meditation.
Awareness meditation is unique in that instead of utilizing your mind to escape the world around you along with the problems of the day. Mantra Mantra meditation is similar to breathing meditation in that it requires concentration on a rhythm. Hinduism The primary religion of india is Hinduism Simple Hinduism accepts the validity of many Gods based around nature and concepts.
Christianity is an off shoot of Judaism with the exception to the belief system being the belief and faith in Jesus Christ.

These are the heart rate and blood pressure of Marco Labricosa prior to guided mediation, his heart rate is sporadic and his blood pressure is noted. Primordial Sounds are Pre-linguistic (before language) sounds born from the vibrations of nature, of which there are over 100.
Jonn Kabat-Zinn creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  Mindfulness Meditation is a technique in which you observe your own thoughts and emotions moment to moment, in a non-judgmental way, with open-hearted compassion and acceptance to whatever arises inside or outside of us.
Newberg and his team studied a group of Buddhist monks in the Tibet while practicing meditation for about an hour, using brain imaging techniques. Newberg explains what happened; saying that the pictures showed "activity increase in the frontal lobe which is the front of the brain, a region that becomes active in [any] human being when one wants to focus on a particular activity", while the Parietal lobe, which is the back of the brain, showed a significant decrease in activity of the Parietal lobe and it is responsible for one's sense of place.
In 1998, the importance of therapeutic praying emerged when scientists in the United States studied a group of heart disease patients.
This image is taken by a new brain imaging technique, SPECT or Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography, during the normal state (left) and during the meditation one (right). The focus here is on the Parietal Lobe of the brain, where we notice a significant decrease in the activity of this area during meditation.
Andrew Nioberg confirms, a specialist in neuroscience, on his website that believing that there is God of the whole universe is absolutely necessary for a psychological and physical healthiness.
The submission, worship and praying practices give the human being a sense of peace more love and compassion, while atheism, anger and protest against fate continuously damage the brain. The researcher discovered that the belief in God is very important and is a very great sense of peace to improve the brain's performance. Furthermore, faith fights dementia that results from a sudden death of a large number of the brain cells. They do not know it and won't find it anywhere else but in Quran, because the only true religion is Islam, and all other religions have been distorted, switched by humanly words and mixed with superstitions. Furthermore, walking to the mosques and praying in humility, protects from joint diseases, helps to cure diabetes, reduce blood pressure in addition to many medical benefits; such as preventing atherosclerosis and heart diseases. On the hand, the Buddhist or the monks praying has not a major impact, because it lacks real humility that makes a believer closer to the God and also, lacks the great meanings carried by the words of Quran. We were slackers reading the Quran and applying what Allah says and slackers towards ourselves and towards obeying what our prophet Muhammad 'peace be upon him' delivered. Meditation will help take your mind off of the immense weight placed on you from these things, and afterward help you receive each moment with an improved, more calm and relaxed state of mind. It requires your full attention to find any form of successReading a bookReading books often places the reader in another world or engrosses themselves something that is far from there reality. These themes vary greatly in application of thought, but all achieve similar effects on the mind.
The most widely known form of physical meditation in its most raw definitions are yoga and competitive sports..
But instead of using one naturally occurring in the body, the practitioner creates a vocal rhythm of sounds, noises, or repetitive words or hymns. Christianity would seem at a glance a religion with much less activity in the practice of meditation. To this end, we will work our minds in a study conducted by one of Western scholars about the impact of praying on the brain's [activity] and health. He asked the monks to draw a thread with their hands when they reach the highest state of meditation, through this process a small amount of radioactive material is injected into their blood that can be traced in the brain. Newberg conducted on the brain's activity of Franciscan nuns while praying known as "focus" praying.
They found out an un precedent result, they suffer fewer complications after a short time of praying. They noticed how the activity in the frontal area, Frontal Lobe of the brain increased in the meditation state in form of red spots that reflect the extent of the brain activity. Therefore, and according to a number of Western researchers, to be religious is better than being atheist for the good of humanity to be safe and sound.
In his book, "How God changes your Brain," written by him and a group of researchers and also achieved significant sales in America, Newberg says: 'the deeper you believe in the Creator, the better your brain will be! This means that the Islamic praying increases the believer's sense of peace, satisfaction and happiness.

All of which have the goal to place the the subject deep within the confinds of what ever he or she is doing and do distract from the world around him or her. Several counting techniques are placed on this to help assist keeping concentration of the mind placed on the breathing. Hindus believe that there are 7 chakras, found starting at the base of the your spine all the way up to the center point atop the head. It should be noted that the study was not conducted on the Islamic praying, and if it was made on Muslims, then results would be breathtaking. This radioactive material enables the scientists to see the tincture as it moves to the active areas in the brains. Noteworthy, the researcher is not Muslim, but he puts the results of his own experiences in a neutral result of his study of the brain through SPECT technology. Newberg to conduct experiments on the effect of praying, telling the breeds, humility, the impact of praying on the Prophet and listening to the Quran. I have tested all 7 of these meditation techniques so that I may give a better description of each through personal experience. This counting places breathing meditation in a similar class of concentration techniques also known as mantra. An example of this technique would be a personal experience of mine, I took the idea of balance must always exist between order and chaos.
Concentration is placed on coordination of the body and controlling breathing for extended periods of time to maximize physical performance and relaxation. This form of meditation I found helped me slow down stressful days where I could not escape class. All your concentration should be dedicated to this point, observe it, observe the things around it with your peripherals. These chakrase, when meditated upon are supposed to speed up healing processes for injury and sickness. All practitioners of the techniques attempt to become one with the Tao, similar to the concept of nirvana and enlightenment found in Buddhism.
Prayer to God, confessions and hymns that are sung in churches during worship are all perfect examples of Meditation.
After the monks are done with the meditation, a re-imaging of the brains was conducted, and then comparing the situation of the normal state and the one of meditation were then possible. It is, without a doubt will be a great test to prove to the world that Islam is the religion of truth.
A very common example of this would be the simple action of counting to ten when your angry. Examples of these would be a power lifter concentrating on his lift just prior to execution, a runner deep within a competitive sprint, a wrestler in the middle of a match. By simply closing my eyes and just listening instead of thinking I would find myself much more level headed than I had been prior to situations throughout the day after this mental escape. Also they promote peak physical condition and mental states are a result when all chakras are activated and mastered.
Taoism believe time is cyclical, the religion expands on philosophical concepts much more than belief in entities.
The images showed important signals about what is happening in the brain during the meditation. Any form of exercise that completely engrosses the participant to a point where it is the only thing they think about and there body acts accordingly on reaction alone. A man who has reached a state of enlightenment and broken the cycle of reincarnation through a lifetime of meditation. Buddhist meditation is heavily based on the concept of Zen and awareness techniques along with other self reflection techniques. The thoughts found throughout this process are uninhibited, allowing for self criticism and reflection on thinking processes, reactions to daily events, and obstacles in life.

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