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Feeling overly sensitive During puberty, since your body undergoes many changes, it is common to feel uncomfortable about them and become overly sensitive about your physical appearance. It will be useful to be aware of the changes in your behaviour and talk about it with someone that you're comfortable talking to. Looking for an identity Since you are in the process of becoming an adult, you may feel inclined to figure out what makes you unique as a person. Feeling uncertain Since you're not completely an adult and are not a child anymore, puberty can potentially lead to uncertain times. This uncertainty becomes more evident when the expectations that people close to you have from you also change. You may be expected to take on greater responsibilities than what was expected from you as a child.

Peer pressure With the onset of puberty, your conversations with your friends will increase.
Your peer group and you are likely to be influenced by what you see around you in popular media and the culture that is represented through them.
You might often pick up on what's in and what's out in terms of the way you dress, your language and even your behaviour depending upon what you see. These events can lead to a gap between what is perceived as appropriate by your parents and your friends.
Conflicting thoughts Since you are somewhere in between as a teenager during puberty, you may feel stuck between how you were as a child and how you wish to be as an adult. Mood swings To add to the uncertainty and conflicting thoughts, you may also experience frequent and sometimes extreme changes in your mood.

They may occur due to shifting levels of hormones in your body and other changes taking place during puberty.
With the onset of puberty, it is normal for a boy or a girl to be sexually attracted to people that they would want be more than 'just friends' with.

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