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If you understand how to manage work and life, then you will not face any type of problem in the future. Maybe you want to get in shape, lose a few pounds, but you can't stay on a diet (mmm cake!) or work-out consistently (oohh Netflix marathon! Not that where I live is horrible by any stretch, but I am alone most of the time and not not living my life day to day.
I want to make music and travel, and enjoy my young life while I can and share my tales and thoughts through song.

From the very I start I wanted to become an Accountant but my family convince me to take IT. I’ve got absolutely no money and give up a lot on those languages I wanted to learn, and physical activities because I sometimes feel unable. I think if had found work that was more meaningful to me, I would have been able to appreciate my life much more when it was good and I was younger. I want to become a financial Auditor before I can achieve that I need to finish degree in Accounting or Finance first.

If there were somewhere I could work for 6 months straight like on a ranch or somewhere remote, then just take a few moths to travel, that is how I would live my life.

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