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If you are embarking on your career, or if you are sea-changing to something else, it pays to spend a little bit of time analysing which sort of career or job would suit you, based on what you like to do, what you are good at and your inherent skills and learned qualifications. The Australian Apprentices and Traineeships Information Service has designed a series of industry-specific quizzes for many professions, from Aged Care to Tourism. The questions in these quizzes are usually given in the context of a specific industry sector and provide industry specific careers information and links. These quizzes can provide insight to your personality and give you some indication of where your particular character traits might help you to get ahead. A few years ago I was drawn to have an Akashic Records reading and our life purpose as well as everything about us is contained within our Akashic Record. Studies have shown that the average worker will have upwards of ten jobs and four careers in their lifetime, and this may even increase with future generations. I can tell you from experience that I wish I had known what I now know about life purpose – it would have made things SO much easier! You are loyal to the extreme, and you guard those who are entrusted to your care with your life.
Much of what you know may come from reading and study, but you may also have natural insight into a subject, often accumulated over many lifetimes. Your logical approach to life sometimes makes it hard to access your emotional and intuitive self. There are many types of quizzes that you can do online to help you uncover the elements of your personality that would be suitable for certain careers.

The quizzes are designed to illustrate some of the key literacy, numeracy and comprehension learning standards required of people attempting an Australian Apprenticeships entry level qualification. The quizzes vary, but most ask a series of short or multiple choice questions, and only take a few minutes to do.
Like all things online, before shelling out a large amount of money on a quiz or careers coach, make sure that you do your investigations online and check resources and reviews. The quiz is designed to help you to work out what types of work you might like to do, based on tasks.
The Practice Aptitude Quizzes are a general resource, rather than being a specific test to demonstrate your skills.
With their no-nonsense, roll-your-sleeves-up-and-get-the-job-done approach to life, Helpers keep the modern world rolling.
This intellectual approach to life can cause some Thinkers to appear restrained and unemotional to those around them. This is a quiz that has been developed by the Australian Government’s Job Outlook site, a great resource for job seekers and career changers. The test is done online and depending on which version of the quiz your purchase, your report will be instantly available or available within 3 days. It is common for Caregiver types to intuitively know what someone needs at any given time. When hurt, they have to analyze or rationalize what happened before allowing themselves to feel their emotions.

The quiz will ask you questions to determine personality traits indicating that you are either extrovert or introvert, sensing or feeling. These quizzes are a terrific general resource for anyone who is thinking of going into a profession that might include a traineeship or apprenticeship.
If you want to see Hunters in a larger group, simply take a look at a football team or a platoon of soldiers. They can find their place anywhere in the world, though they can always be recognized by their analytical approach to life. This Career Planner quiz will cost you a small amount, but it has been recommended by careers coaches and industry experts, and is priced reasonably at under $100. Once you have filled in your answers, you need to submit an email address and some further details in order to receive your quiz assessment. This career quiz is unique, because it goes into detail about the kinds of working environments that you should avoid, based on answers you have given about your personality or preferences.
This quiz has been undertaken by the United Nations and covers topics such as new career ideas, a list of careers that match your interests, the type of work you might be passionate about and guidance on how to move in a new direction.

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