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My gals helped me pick out some yummy cookies, cute canning jars, and bright ribbon to make this special gift. Show you students you’re just as excited as they are about starting a new school year by surprising them on the first day with a custom-made gift. Easily brighten your new students’ first day by packaging a couple of pencils with an encouraging printable to get off on the right foot.
Give your students a warm welcome with their own personalized bookmark to use this school year. Make plays on words by using your students’ favorite snacks to officiate their new grade-level status. Prove you believe in your students from the start by supplying them with some cool shades for their shiny futures.

Go the extra mile to welcome the new school year by creating alliteration poems for your students by using their names and attaching it to something as simple as a pencil. Whether you’re welcoming a new class or wishing them good luck on their first test, Smarties make a great resource. Get clever, quirky and creative with these ideas to welcome your new students and start the year off right. These candy pencils are quick and easy to make, plus, they’re sure to put a smile on your students’ faces.
Oreo pops make for a unique treat that will leave the mess to a minimum and the happiness to a record high. Especially if you have a smaller class, this gift shows how much you care for your students and instantly puts a positive spin on their perspectives on the school year.

Give your students a way of entertainment during their recess break and welcome them at the same time by giving them their own packaged bubbles with a welcome printable. Designing their own above-average nameplates with erasers is a good route to make them forget about seating charts. With the assistance of a printable of encouragement, the presentation of this gift takes care of itself and raves greatly with students.

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