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Today is the fourth of 5 straight Mondays in which we are going to discuss 5 ways NOT to help someone having an anxiety attack.
If your friend is having an anxiety attack about a problem at work, it can be tempting to help her figure out how to fix the problem then and there. This entry was posted in Parents and tagged Advice, Anxiety, Brittany Fichter Writes, Friends by Brittany Fichter.
Immediate Anxiety Relief - A Natural Technique to Stop Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast!

He had to choose his words and actions so that they helped me overcome my anxiety, rather than making them worse.
I have enough anxiety attacks that I can often pinpoint the source of the anxiety pretty quickly when one starts. She might be in the mood to talk it out later when the anxiety attack is over (I often am.), but in the midst of the fear that swirls inside of her, she needs an anchor. A simple hug or squeezing her hand kindly will probably go much further than supplying her with ways to tell off her boss.

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