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Walking meditation is when the act of walking becomes the meditation, mindfulness meditation to be precise, being focused and present to the experience of walking.
The idea in this approach to meditation is to release the mechanical and bring our attention into our bodies and feel what happening within us, all the sensations, as we move through the world. Meditation conjures images of quiet and peace, candles and sitting with eyes closed because the very nature of meditation is to undo the overstimulation of the mind and bring it back to a single point of concentrated focus. By combining walking with meditation you serve the dual purpose of stilling your mind with the purpose of moving your limbs and staying fit, but what’s more helpful, the rhythm of the walking as you feel your feet find their own drumbeat and steady rhythm of your breathing can really bring your mind back into that still, quiet place. Walking meditation has been practiced alongside the more formal sitting meditation as a way to continue in mindful awareness. This entry was posted in How to Meditate, Meditation Benefits, Meditation Help and tagged benefits of walking meditation, How to meditate, mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation benefits by Tommyji.
Walking meditation is a great practice for those of us who experience pain or discomfort when doing sitting meditation.

This site is to help beginners easily understand the Buddhist teachings so they can quickly experience its great benefits.
My homepage shows my latest YouTube videos on topics I’ve covered on Buddhism and meditation, although you can find a comprehensive list of all my videos in the menu above. When you practice walking meditation, you are not trying to get somewhere or accomplish something, like exercise, you let go and enjoy the journey.
But for many of us who become frustrated with ourselves because sitting is so challenging, or for those who want an extra benefit while walking, combining walking and meditating can be extremely beneficial. This style of meditation practice is a wonderful way to, not only extend your mindfulness practice, but as a way to practice bringing present moment awareness in to your day-to-day experience of the world.
This type of meditation allows you to begin to walk and work in a meditative, calm and relaxed way. At full day retreats, it is common to interchange sitting and walking meditation so that one hour sitting meditation is followed by half an hour walking meditation.

Walking early in the morning, just after waking up, when the air is cool and the birds are just starting to sing can refresh your spirit and put things in perspective too.
Walking meditation can increase our concentration and mindfulness especially when our mind is extremely distracted or agitated.
I was a Buddhist nun for three years and did a total of three years solitary meditation retreats. In this video I give some simple instructions on my favorite walking meditation technique and I explain the benefits of practicing walking meditation in general.

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