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Life Of A Vegaholic is my little space centered on all things vegetarian & vegan for all types of eaters.
As some of you know, I announced last week on facebook that I would be going full on Vegetarian when I get back back to CA. I am going Vegetarian as a personal challenge, a new lifestyle change, and to cleanse my body.
The very first thing you must do as a vegetarian bodybuilder is make sure that you get enough calories.
For vegetarians looking to build muscle, one of the key sources of protein they need to be looking into are chickpeas and other legumes.
One big mistake that many vegetarians make is relying a great deal on heavy, overly processed foods. When it comes to your workout, as a vegetarian you should aim for short but intense workouts.
One thing that you may want to consider, and this will highly be based on your personal beliefs, is going lacto-ovo vegetarian.

Unfortunately one thing that many vegetarian bodybuilders deal with is others telling them they won’t see success.
Since one thing many vegetarian bodybuilders are concerned over is muscle mass loss, be sure that you’re regularly monitoring your body fat levels.
You may know me as an actress, but in reality I'm just a proud teen tea fanatic, tech-loving Pesco-Ovo Vegetarian who loves to read books & write.
I will be doing tons of research on proper nutrition for vegetarian fitness competitors and will be sharing what I will be doing with you all. Keep in mind that these are tips for people showcasing their bodies in fitness competitions, so they are a bit intense, but we can learn from what they do and apply it towards our daily lives as needed.
As a vegetarian you may find that it’s easy to gravitate to the same foods over and over and over again. It may take slightly longer to build muscle as a vegetarian, but if you stay positive and keep working towards your goals, you definitely can get the results you’re looking for.
Remember, being vegetarian doesn’t mean you get free range to eat as many high-carb snack foods as you want.

If you were doing very long workout sessions that’s when your protein needs will be really elevated, which could get more difficult being on a vegetarian diet. And i have thought about turning vegetarian,  but my mum and dad both said they didint think that was a good idea. I am going to try my Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian diet (milk and eggs ok) for 6 weeks, see how I feel, and see whether I want to try Ovo Veggie (eggs ok) or Vegan.
If you plan on carrying out a vegetarian diet for the long term, consider adding an iron supplement to your day. It gives me more options for now, but I hope In the future I can go back to being vegetarian. Going to school, meeting friends and trying to find myself in this world.I write about my daily life, but also try to write posts about how it was when i was sick, advice and tips.

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