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Download Being Vegetarian for Dummies - Suzanne Havala Hobbs » Download self-help ebooks. With nearly 6 million adult vegetarians in the United States, a push toward a leaner, greener, healthier lifestyle is happening everywhere. This book invites you to explore nutrition options that could well change the way you look at food.
As the solo vegetarian, you discreetly add a small cheese pizza to the order--with peppers and onions, of course! Whether their reasons are moral, economic, or health-related, people all over the country--and the world--are making the switch to vegetarianism.

It is an authoritative, comprehensive, single-source reference book for the growing number of people who are embracing a vegetarian diet, as well as for more than 12 million Americans who are already committed vegetarians. Welcome to the world of a vegetarian in an otherwise carnivorous population.Vegetarianism has found itself growing in popularity, whether for religious, health, moral, or many other reasons. This authoritative guide has all the answers you need about living vegetarian, featuring healthful advice as well as delicious dishes involving vegetables, fruits, grains, and dairy. Still, it's not uncommon to be the minority in a large group of people based on your vegetarian lifestyle. Going to a restaurant, a dinner party, traveling, and holidays (think: tofurkey!) can often be a challenge for many vegetarians.

The list goes on--mainly because most people don't have a clear understanding of what being a vegetarian really entails.

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