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Just wanna let you know that I went to Source last night from San Jose based on this review and it was incredible. I’ll be in Vegas on Saturday, so I plan on heading over to the Pizza Place at the Wynn.
As we bid adieu to Vegetarian Awareness Month — it’s been a good ol’ plant-filled time — we leave you with the message that it’s a big vegan-friendly world out there. Here in San Francisco at OpenTable HQ, we needn’t look far for unusual examples of the way in which what was once an alternative style of cooking and eating have merged with the culinary mainstream.

Saha or “Cheers!” in Arabic opened 10 years ago, and chef Aboghanem credits the Internet (and OpenTable) with helping them attract the veg-interested guest. I went to San Fran last week for the first time, and hit up Source, Plant Cafe, Judahlicious, Love N Haight Deli, and Ike’s Place!
Everywhere we look there are restaurants going plant-forward, with restaurants that showcase the most delicious of vegetarian and vegan cooking regardless of the meat on their menus. Just blocks from our offices, a restaurant that was featured on our Top Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly dining list, is the perfect example of how numerous different cuisine types lend themselves creatively to meatless dining.

At Saha, an Arabic fusion restaurant located in the Hotel Carlton on Sutter Street in the Lower Nob Hill neighborhood of San Francisco, Mohamed Aboghanem offers a style of cooking all his own, where he rethinks traditional Yemenese, Middle Eastern and North African fusion in a healthier, beautifully presented, local ingredient-driven style. As we reflect on the endless possibilities for the veg-movement — where it’s been and where it will go — we are reminded that from Yemen to Los Angeles, San Francisco and far beyond, there are quiet pioneers in the kitchen leading the way with every carrot they peel and every meal they serve.

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