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Even when your eyes are open in the morning, your body refuses to accept the fact you have to get up.
If your mom calls you up early in the morning to wake you up, she is in for a sob fest or a yelling. People who wish you Good Morning are morons because you fail to understand what's so good about mornings.
When the doctor gives you an appointment for 8:30 in the morning, you laugh out loud, thinking he is joking.
The curtains in your room are huge and bellowing and cover every inch of your windows so that no light peeps in to mess up with your early morning sleep.
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And when you have to leave the comfort of your bed and get up early to head out, it's almost close to torture. It’s maybe the thought that I will either have to scale back my training plans for the week or play catchup. The problem is that I would stop running altogether, get fatter, lose any conditioning I had and feel like utter shit. This has meant that in order to complete my marathon training schedules for Paris and Belfast I often had to run 3 or 4 consecutive days over the weekend which is a great way to get injured. As punishment I’ve made myself go out in running tights twice and I can still feel them on my legs to this day.
Running early in the week gets your training off to a great start and keeps your regime balanced reducing the chance of injury in the process.
The last thing I do at night now is get my kit ready so that I can’t use that excuse anymore.

Relationships Nov 10th 2015 #BeautyHacks: How to Keep Your Kohl from Smudging No matter what you do, by the end of the day your kohl is smudged and you end up looking like a raccoon or a panda. At the time though I try to convince myself that not running will result in some inspired performances at a later date. My point is that you can take some of the dread, guilt and pain away from tomorrow by going out today and doing a little. You’ve gotta establish your own perfect running conditions and they come from within.

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