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In this video, a meditation specialist gives newcomers an introduction to Transcendental Meditation. A beginner's guide to meditation using chakras in which you are guided through how to bring your awareness to each chakra while visualising a specific colour and making specific sounds.
The breathing techniques given in the video are very simple, which can be done by anyone, anywhere. There's an overview of the problems that can be treated using this meditation technique, and what your first steps would need to be if you plan on practicing it.

Words are from Sri Chinmoy, a widely known spiritual teacher; the video part shows him in a silent meditation.
And I'm looking forward to telling you about how to transform your life with a variety of different techniques. Transcendental meditation is actually an ancient technique that was practiced in India thousands and thousands of years ago, to calm the mind, which in turn, calms the body's nervous system. Today, transcendental meditation is a technique that's used for very deep relaxation and rejuvenation to bring about a very intense state of rest.

You simply need a book with an accredited TM practitioner and you would sit through four sessions, four two-hour sessions of training.
There's also lots of scientific research to show how effective this style of meditation is.

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