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There is no secret to getting faster, but there are a handful of workouts that seem to boost nearly any triathlete’s speed when used in a progressive fashion during your training cycles.
Regardless of your current ability, as long as you can run a 5k (at any speed), you can benefit from the 5k repeats to help add speed and minimize injury in training. For you I would suggest starting with six repeats in week one and see how you feel during the rest of your runs that week.

I’m planning to run 5-6 times a week for a month before starting these repeats, so maybe I should do a 5k sim race to set correct times at that point. In both my private client’s training and my 12 week triathlon training plans for sale here on the site, I use 5k and vVo2max paced 400 repeats. If your time for each running lap varies by more than 4 seconds, you need to improve your ability to choose and hold a pace.

If you are running slower than a 12 minute mile, or faster than a six minute mile, there are probably some other approaches that might make more sense for you.

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