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The inspiration that many individuals have been meditation is a welcoming neighborhood devoted to bringing the Buddha's got here up with massage.


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DIAPHRAGMATIC BREATHING Practise as often as you can until it feels natural Sit up as straight as possible, shoulders back, one hand on your upper chest, the other on your abdomen just above waist.
The quality of your breathing and your capacity to maintain slow, steady breaths is literally a measure of the quality of your life.
If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, learning effective breathing using your diaphragm muscles will allow in approximately three times the volume of air, increasing your intake of vital life energy, and guaranteeing improvements in all aspects of your life and health.
Some people will achieve this by focusing on the ratio of the speed at which they breathe out to that of inhaling. This should involve the progressive stepping up of effort, which will give you a chance to correlate your breathing patterns smoothly to the required effort. Your body needs to warm up and you need to give yourself a chance to reach faster rates of breathing in a controlled way. Work out what your body is doing naturally and that is the correct way to breathe for singing.

Through disciplined attention and intention, one can learn to manipulate the flow of life force in and around the body to promote harmony and balance, for in essence life force is consciousness. The action of taking a breath is tension; expand your tummy at all the places where you need a breath. These experiences are often overlooked as nervous energy or increased blood circulation however it is actually the increased flow of ether, life force, bringing in vitality with each breath.
If our breathing is shallow, we have only enough energy to keep our bodies functioning and we may experience anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.
The more fully we breathe the more energy we have available to support our physical and mental development, and the development of higher levels of consciousness.
One theory suggests that slowing breathing has a direct impact on the sympathetic nervous system, which helps control blood flow and skin temperature, blocking some of the pain response.
The Sanskrit word prana means vital life force energy, and pranayama is the breath work practiced to extend and expand this life-giving force.

It is the universal life source that connects us as one, and it is found in the silent pause at the end of each out-breath before the next in-breath is drawn.
Breathing becomes easier within 72 hours as the bronchial tubes relax, and energy levels rise. Deep breathing is an effective way to tackle symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, such as cravings and irritability.

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