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A standard work day’s productivity can vary a lot between what you want to do, what you intend to do, and what you actually end up doing. We’ve compiled a list of the top five tips that you can follow if you want to stay organised at work.
There are a multitude of blogs and advice columns and papers out there, both in the library and on the internet, and you’ll find that you can learn a lot from other people on how to get organised. If you work in a small office, or in a team within a larger office, you might find that other people are struggling with similar issues to yourself. With more and more women working from home, it's important to have a space designated specifically for your work. It starts by giving you space to actually work, instead of stacking new work on top of old papers.
We asked two bloggers to share their best home office organization tips for a cleaner, less clutter-filled space. It helps me come up with some of my best work when I am creating something or writing a blog post. Identify your priorities for the next day, then check your calendar for meeting and schedule your work around them.
They're so good you'll want to start enacting these tips ASAP so you, too, can be more focused and accomplish more in your home office.

The goals and tips for this week will help you keep your workday manageable and productive. A clean workspace allows you to work efficiently and productively without stress or disruption.
Delegating some of your responsibilities will help you save time and stress. If you have a junior colleague or a colleague that isn’t as busy, see if you can share some of your work amongst them. Hopefully you’ll find that there is some semblance of organisation that comes from this! This kind of thing can sometimes be very useful for people who have been doing the same kind of work for a while, as it helps you to recognise patterns of behaviour and different kinds of time-wasting behaviour.
Learn from the experts – or at least from the people who have gone before you and figured out a system that works for getting your stuff together. A way around this is to get everyone together and get them all on board with your new organisational roster. I am often asked to speak to companies or groups of employees about how to organize their workday in order to increase productivity and time management skills.
The actual work area of my next is usually pretty tidy, it’s the periphery that tends to get cluttered. I am a full-time working mother, with a 5 year old spirited red-head, husband and a BIG house!!!!

Make it a habit to clean your workspace at the end of each day so you can start the next day afresh.
Throw out any reports, brochures or information that are no longer relevant to the projects that you are currently working on. If you figure out what is the most time consuming team activity you can work out a way to deal out tasks, or to streamline the process. I didn’t mind messes until I made myself a home office, and realized why I felt so anxious and stressed out when I sat down to work. While some of these tips I won’t be able to yet implement I definitely needed the push on getting out of my pjs, setting a routine in the morning, and making my bed!
Set a daily reminder on your phone to alert you around 20 minutes before the end of working day. As well, I am the author of the book 31 Days, 31 Ways: Daily Tips for Time Management Mastery.

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