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Tips to be a good father,meditation for beginners. 20 practical tips,declutter tips bedroom - PDF Books

Most fathers hardly spare any time for their children and leave everything to the mother except the financial support. This year, our anniversary falls once again on Father’s Day…and I am reminded once again of one of the qualities about my husband that I love the most. So, to all of the amazing fathers out there…take a look at what you’re doing that is working in your families…and give yourself a pat on the back…and acknowledge that you are doing one of the toughest jobs …and one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

A good father’s main characteristic is to always be there for his children, emotionally as well as financially. Fatherhood should be a purposeful activity, and I’m afraid most fathers (the ones I see) spend more time in a reactive mode than a proactive one. I look forward to reading them and learning how I too can become a better father for my two children.

And as someone who deeply appreciates what a good father brings to the table, I share this reminder of what really, truly matters.Hang out in the garage.

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