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Many people find meditation intimidating because they don’t know much about it or don’t know where to start. Breathe. This is one of my favorite meditation tips because it is a big part of practicing yoga, which is a moving meditation. Relax your muscles. A great way to allow your meditation permeate your body is by starting at your toes and relaxing each muscle all the way up through your body one at a time. Some people think that meditation is really difficult, or that you need to be a full time monk to be able to meditate properly.
A meditation practice is an extremely valuable tool in quieting the mind of internal chatter, reducing anxiety, increasing concentration, and promoting general feelings of well being.
I don’t want my meditation to be spent stressing that I’m late for things I need to get started on in the day.

While the concentration required is great, meditation is something that can help you achieve inner peace. Whether you are learning meditation with an online course or in a local group, pick a teacher you match well with.
Meditation is much more fun in a group and you'll find that others are probably on a similar learning curve as you are. In these times, I savor meditation because it is a way for me to step out of myself and turn it all off. When beginning a meditation practice, you WILL have all sorts of thoughts come up and that’s 100% normal and ok. It doesn't matter if you are taking longer to learn meditation that someone else (like I am).

Meditation helps me maintain peace within, which allows me to bring peace into all situations.
I needed a teacher that understood that it's nearly impossible for me to sit still - which is why I chose walking meditation. Depending on the group's aim, you may also learn about different meditation techniques as the group progresses.

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