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I can't tell you how many times during my work as a principal that I would frequently come upon new teachers sharing the woes of falling behind. In all seriousness, the need for new teachers to stay focused and organized is going to be critical not only to their own success, but to the success of their students.
These are five basic ideas, but they're great ideas to support us as educators seeking and using our own personalized organization method. I know that remaining organized will deem to be difficult once I am in the classroom and trying to stay on top of the grading of 120 students and writing lesson plans.
It is a real challenge for both students and teachers to stay productive all day long, especially if learning takes a substantial part of the daytime. And in my opinion, finding that organizational balance in his or her work is key to a teacher's happiness in the classroom. Remember that trusting your method is essential, so don't feel pressured to use a particular tool if it really doesn't work for you.
Evernote is my go-to tool for everything -- notes, photos, links and resources -- that I want to share. As a new teacher, it's such a challenge to stay on top of all the important work that is presented to you.

Think about how you might begin to develop this in your work, and try using the steps for your next classroom project. One way to support your resolve to stay organized is to take advantage of planning with a colleague. Each course I take I learn more and more on how to be an efficient teacher, however, organization has never really been a topic of learning. I'll need to organize my classroom in an efficient manner for the students and my own productivity. Children may easily go on watching TV instead of reading textbooks, playing tablet games instead of doing researches and so forth. I feel much more organized knowing that I have these items available to share or access at a moment's notice. I also keep a small lined journal with me at all times for note-taking and capturing ideas that I want to be sure not to forget.
Join us for an upcoming New Teacher Chat (#ntchat) this November on Tips to Stay Organized!
There will be mounds of paperwork that I will need to distinguish the levels of importance and organize myself to insure that everything is handled appropriately.

As a new teacher, get into the habit of writing down the things that require your attention daily, and you will feel much more organized.
Find a teacher buddy that can do this work with you, and I assure you, the time spent planning will be much more productive.
I found it interesting that you said by October or November teachers are unorganized and running around like chickens basically. Shared thoughts, ideas and resources never failed to produce happier teachers and excellent results with students. I plan on talking with my sister who is currently a 4th grade teacher with the same concentration.

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