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But since I own the place, I can goof off online as soon as all of my actual work is finished. The "coffee break" came about because industrial engineers discovered if workers had a break every 45 minutes the increase in work efficiency more than covered the break-time. I am currently using Internet and even communities for professional purposes and administrative tasks, and spend much time with phone calls and e-mails - sounds like fun and implies quite a lot of extra hours and also much volunteering in my free time, as work days are too short.
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The quality of the work I produce is more important than the quantity- as long as I get it all done in the end.
The last thing I need is a gaggle of 20 year olds sassing me because one person has their ID. My back may be facing the door, but when I hear that squeak, I put the phone down and pick up a tool, or rustle through some papers.
If there was no work to do I would clean something or waste time on the computer until someone called in an order or asked me to do something for them.

I find that I can focus better and work more efficiently if every two hours or so I take a few minutes to walk around the office, check news sites, make snarky comments on SodaHead, etc. But please, when the transaction is over, hang up and examine your receipt and tell me everything that is wrong.

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