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Before you scoff all the chocolate in your Cocoa Runners box, take a moment to learn how to get the best from your tasting experience. When you know how to properly taste chocolate, you’ll find amazing flavours and textures that you’ve never experienced.
How the cocoa farmer treats the beans during the fermentation and drying process can have a marked impact on the flavour of your chocolate.
These little inconsistencies are one of the great things about small batch bean to bar chocolate.
Before you start, find somewhere quiet and free from strong smells to enjoy your chocolate. You’ll be amazed at just how different chocolate can taste at different times of day too. Start by carefully open the wrapper of your chocolate bar, and while it’s still in the back, breathe in the aroma. Our PromiseWe'll take you on a voyage of discovery and introduce you to some of the most exciting flavours and fascinating stories from around the chocolate world. But the bottom line is, I am feeling like it is now or never to be able to really soak up time with my kids, and that can be a trick even with normal chores and chaos, let alone keeping up with my chocolate shop and this blog.
Once you’ve tried these you will realize how ridiculously quick and simple it is to make smooth amazing truffles out of your favorite gourmet chocolate, and then there is just no turning back.
Begin stirring in the center of the bowl with a spatula, working to make an emulsion in the center with the cream and chocolate. If chocolate pieces are not fully melting, put the chocolate cream mixture in the microwave and zap it at half power for up to 10 seconds, then stir again.
Roll the truffles in the chocolate coating, then drop them again in your powdered sugar or cocoa powder.
Before I ever started this blog or my chocolate shop, I would have afternoons when I would put my two kids down for quiet time, then walk back out to a house that was all mine for an hour and a half.
We had plenty of moments when starting my chocolate shop when we thought a certain new detail might be the ruin of our business plan. Then I chopped up about a zillion chocolate bar samples and wrapped them up in pretty gold liners. You’ll hear about the history of chocolate in Latvia since 1870, and have a number of opportunities to taste chocolate during the production process.

On Sunday, ICE alum and star of Top Chef: Just Desserts, Zac Young came to ICE to guide students through a tasting of a variety of Guittard chocolates and demonstrate some desserts designed to highlight the flavor profiles of different chocolates. The Guittard family has manufactured chocolate in the San Francisco valley for more than 140 years. If you’re tasting more than a couple of chocolates, you should have a glass of water or some fresh bread handy as a palate cleanser between tastings. In most cases, a good chocolate bar will have a glossy appearance, thanks to the tempering process, which produces just the right kind of crystal structure to give you the perfect experience. Some chocolates have just a couple of identifiable flavour notes, but a well made chocolate with great quality cocoa beans can take you on a real journey.
You’ll appreciate the quality of the chocolate and the skill of the chocolate maker much more. These beans are harvested, fermented, dried, roasted, winnowed, ground, conched and tempered before becoming chocolate.
Once it is combined in the center, stir in the remainder of the chocolate and cream just until combined.
You want to heat the chocolate as slowly as possible.  Chocolate pieces should melt while stirring, not in the microwave.
I love a hard chocolate coating over my truffles to bite through before I get to the ganache center, though, so I often go the extra mile.
Chocolate truffles, chocolate bars and chocolate figures would be a lovley adventure to delicious chocolate world. His “Whoppers and Pretzels,” a malted cheesecake with chocolate pretzel crunch was designed to highlight the flavor of Guittard’s Kokoleka Hawaiian 38% Milk Chocolate. It might be fruity, floral, earthy or spicy, but the chances are the flavours you pick up will evolve as the chocolate melts. If a chocolate is conched for longer, it will often have a smaller particle size and a smoother texture. But most of all, you’ll have a better understanding of the kinds of chocolate you like best. Plus a chocolate coating keeps the truffles from drying out if you’ll be eating them after a day or two. I was very fortunate to have a mom + businesswoman friend to go to when I was thinking of starting my chocolate shop.

For dear guests of Riga and chocolate lovers they will let to taste their hand made chocolate truffles of tradition flavours of Latvia. Guittard line includes a variety of blended and single-origin chocolates made from beans from select locations.
The other dessert, “Coconut Cream Pie ‘On Its Side’,” a chocolate cremeux and a coconut cremeux with coconut streusel, showcased the flavor of Guittard’s Complexite 70% Bittersweet Chocolate. Breaking the chocolate will release more aroma, so bring it to your nose and inhale to take it all in. If it feels glossy or fatty on the tongue, that can be a sign that a lot of cocoa butter has been added to the chocolate.
Repeat until chocolate begins to soften and become clay like, stirring and combining it thoroughly. With early reservations here in cafe, they would discover a Jugend style and open the secret legend off chocolate.
The students were able to taste 12 different chocolates, ranging from a 38% Hawaiian milk chocolate to a 91% bittersweet blended chocolate. Both desserts were a designed to contrast and balance flavors and textures, illustrating the uses of different types of chocolate.
The tasting included single-origins from Hawaii, Peru, Madagascar, Trinidad, Venezuela and more. Melting on very low heat in short increments, while stirring often between, allows the chocolate to stay in temper as you melt it. Zac said that as a pastry chef, he loved working with these single-origin chocolates because they have a flavor profile of their own and can they can be used to make desserts that go a step beyond the base flavors of chocolate and begin to highlight the fruit and flora notes chocolate can have. If you can keep chocolate below 89 F while you melt (87 F for milk or white chocolate), it will stay pretty and in temper.

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