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Tomas Chamkorro-Premuzic, author of The Psychology of Personnel Selection, argues that career success in traditional organizations favoured the less creatively talented people because of the reliance on command-and-control management structures. So it seems that emotional competencies, and the capacity to build and manage positive relationships are replacing traditional skill based or cognitive assessment as a way of predicting potential and continuing career success. Three senior finance professionals took to the stage recently at a special event entitled Aspire – Future Leaders of Business, jointly organised by Eton Bridge Partners, Pitmans LLP and Grant Thornton. Asking the questions was Mark Craddock, Finance partner at Eton Bridge Partners, and the event also included questions from the audience of around 100 businessmen and women from across the Thames Valley and London. Eton Bridge Partners has three specialist practices: Business Transformation, Finance and Human Resources. While it may take a little hard work to hatch your career in the financial services industry, that effort will be met with great rewards throughout your career.
Here’s a quick list of some steps you can take to position yourself for success as you hatch your very own financial services career. This is a vital step for young professionals across all industries, but is particularly important for those pursuing a rewarding and successful career in the world of finance.

Networking is a central pillar to the work that you do as a Financial Professional, precisely because business relationships don’t follow business – they precede it.
Finding a mentor in the world of finance is the difference between walking to work, and driving there. In finding a mentor, young business professionals should begin by identifying their own career aspirations.
Organizations within the financial services industry take great care in their searches for new candidates, and are looking for someone who will enhance their image as well as their bottom line.
These skills have lasting implications for success in the industry – and are not only well-suited to launching your career, but also for those aspiring to become leaders in their field. They conclude linear, lifespan careers with traditional measures of success no longer exist.
While this list isn’t exhaustive, it does offer a well-defined and tangible blueprint for success, with special consideration for the fast-changing landscape of the finance sector. Whether you’re a Personal Consultant, a budding Financial Analyst at a consulting firm, or a Financial Planner with your own practice, you should focus on growing your contact list.

And just like buying a car, securing a mentor is no easy feat: it requires investing your time, energy and resources but will certainly lead to a successful financial career – and faster.
Finance is a hands-on industry so it is important that you step away from the books and the classroom and into corporate environments as early as possible. Before you graduate, there are a few things you should know so you can start off on the right foot and make the best choices for the long term stability of your career.
Set up meetings with these professionals to get an idea about their career path and learn from their mistakes and successes. Air Force found that the most successful recruiters scored significantly higher on the emotional intelligence competencies of empathy and self-awareness.

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