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The condition known as depression can range from a self-limiting case of the blues to a life-threatening illness. Pastoral counseling and 12-step groups can also offer a place to talk out your feelings and get help with circumstances that accompany or are caused by depression. Check with your healthcare provider before initiating use of any herbal remedies or supplements, as these may interact with other medications you are taking.
Medications are often prescribed for depression, and if you are experiencing significant, debilitating depressive symptoms, drug therapy may be your best option for improving quality of life. Not all problems have straightforward solutions; depression can be exacerbated by issues that are out of your control, like health problems, financial problems, and the death of a loved one.

Depression tends to cause people to retreat from life and avoid communicating a lot with other people, but it only gets worse when you keep emotions bottled up inside. Moving the body has a way of relaxing the mind - in fact, exercise is proven to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. In addition to eating a balanced diet, increase foods that are known to help with depression.
Alcohol and drugs might alleviate the symptoms of depression in the short term, but they almost always make things worse after a while. Depression may be caused or made worse by other illnesses your doctor can rule out or treat.

Therapists are trained to help people develop new thought and behavior patterns to ease depression and prevent it from happening again.
Discuss reducing your dosage or discontinuing medications with your doctor, so the process can be managed.

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