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For example, a measurable goal with several steps might be something like this, "Steps: train 6 months, then run a half-marathon, train another 3 months. By taking better care of yourself, you will be breaking the cycle and giving yourself a major confidence boost. You build your waking life around the time you spend sleeping, so the first step to organizing your day is making sure you are able to get up at the same time each morning to follow your schedule. Confidence can be hard to come by, especially if you have experienced a layoff recently or if your last job was one of those unfortunate situations in which it was impossible to be successful.
But, as the cartoon at the top of this post indicates, employers are looking for candidates who are confident that they can do the work. This is a simple task that will help you get into a self-positive mindset, which is essential to maintaining confidence.
Once you know what area you'd like to gain confidence in, decide specifically how you'll increase your self-confidence.

There have been entire books written on the subject of preparing and delivering an effective speech, but as with most human interaction, one of the key elements of successful public speaking is confidence. Without practice, you won’t be able to articulate all those interesting things you have learned or insights you have gained as a result of the research and analysis you have done on the company.
Yes, you have areas that need improving, everybody does, but often, a lack of confidence comes from a lack of self-esteem. This often begins in early childhood and stems from family interactions.[4] Maybe your parents were overly critical, harsh or punishing. Before you know it, you will be comfortable with who you are and unafraid of the opinions of others, which is one of the chief qualities of a truly confident person. This way, you'll be free to practice confident skills without being judged by those around you.
Instead, stand up to them and rely on your support system.[19] Handle bullying by being confident and brave.

While, it's easy to become overwhelmed and nervous at such an important event, one of the best things you can do is to pretend to have confidence. By the time you are ready to step out the front door, you should be feeling more confident than usual.
Have a positive attitude, set measurable goals for yourself, and keep company with other confident and supportive people. The easier it is for you to talk about what you know and to convey your insights, the more confident you will appear.

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