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When I started meditation, I had the same thoughts a lot of people have that meditation is all about sitting serious and upright and emptying your mind of all thoughts.
I personally like a guided meditation, that is someone talking me through my breathing and what sensations to tune into. Fragrant Heart: Another great free resource with an extensive list of meditations for all occasions, broken up into categories such as Love Meditations, Meditations for Relaxation and Stress Relief and Meditations for Self Esteem. Use Guided Instruction.If you are just beginning a meditation practice, it is strongly recommend that you listen to guided instruction for the first several weeks or months of practice. I find it very cost effective as I can do at-home yoga and meditation and there’s thousands of classes by world-renowned teachers.
He has a number of free meditations here, and also runs regular free meditation experiences with Ms O herself. Her background is in clinical psychology and she blends this with eastern philosophy – writing books and founding her own meditation school. In 2001, I traveled to Thailand and spent three weeks in a Buddhist monastery in Chiang Mai, living according to the daily schedule of the monks. I knew that, of all the changes that I can possibly make in my life, developing the habit of meditating was at the top in terms of the benefits to me of becoming more mindful and happy and to the world at large by helping me to be a better person.
I rediscovered meditation in December 2012, when I was going through a troubled time in my marriage and life.

What I love so much about meditation is that it’s so accessible and the techniques can be easily applied for instant stress relief. My meditation favourite is David Harshada Wagner – I totally recommend his meditations. Most of my time was spent alternating between sitting meditation and walking meditation, and the experience was transformative. When the meditation timer went off, I might meditate for an extra few seconds or a minute or two, if I wanted to; otherwise, I moved on to the rest of my day.
My boyfriend also took up meditation at about the same time that I did, so we were able to support each other as we started our practices. Connecting with a group of people who meditate together (a sangha) and a teacher to guide you will help motivate you and will ensure you continue to grow in your practice.
She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. I was in a lot of emotional pain and at that time, doing a daily meditation with my YogaGlo subscription nursed me through some tough emotions and helped me get them out and eventually heal a little bit at a time. My meditation varies significantly depending on my mood and the different meditations I’ve done in YogaGlo have taught me how to work with difficult thoughts and emotions and sit with how they feel in my body.
In my case, my reward was simple: after my meditation, I would have my morning cup of coffee.

We also participated in classes and sittings offered at the East Bay Meditation Center, so became part of a community (known as a sangha). In contrast to what I did from 2001-2011, which was only to meditate when I remembered or felt like it, having a trigger helped me to make it part of my daily routine. It became my reward for meditating, something that I could look forward to once I was done.
When I started, I committed to meditate Monday-Friday for the next two months; sure enough, after that initial time period, it was much easier to keep the practice going!
When I started my meditation practice, I used a calendar to mark off each day that I meditated. There is scientific research evidence that daily meditation helps with all of these things. Here are some recommended teachers who have meditation CDs and MP3s: Jon Kabat Zinn, Jack cornfield, Sharon Salsberg, Joseph Goldstein or Stephen Levine.
Meditation sitting groups are pretty common in big cities, where you can drop in and pay by donation.

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